I got the inspiration for this discussion in another group. But anyways, you know that you're obsessed with Doctor Who when you do what?
For me, it's using my flashlight like a sonic-screwdriver to find stuff in my room, lock doors, and question people about my missing school-ID card (which I found with a flashlight I call my sonic screwdriver)  : )

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That happened to me last night.

I've got a "Trust me, I'm The Doctor" t-shirt to wear on my doctoral thesis defense...

YOU are a hero.

when you find a way to weasel a quote or fact into any assignment

When you smash your insanely creepy angel statues that you've had for years the second after seeing blink.

You say a sentence starting with "People assume..." and then start cracking up and have to start the sentence over. This happened to me twice today.

1) When you rant, you use a British accent, and make new words.
2) You can't trust statues, dolls, or shadows.
3) You get overly excited seing people in overcoats or bowties.
4) You get happy seeing blue boxes.
5) To make siblings get out of your room, you yell EXTERMINATE!

That's what I do, anyway.

I need to start using number 5...if that's okay?

Go right ahead. It's EXTREMELY effective. Especially if one of your siblings is also a Doctor Who fan.

with 3) I do it with high top Converse too. especially blue and red ones. I found a pair of blue ones and had to buy them. My friend calls them my "I need these shoes so if I meet David Tennant he can sign them" shoes.

,...for the first time in your life, you are afraid of the dark.


...your Biology Prof.'s explination of viruses make you think of Cybermen.


... you hear an odd oscilating noise and look for the TARDIS. know you should go run, so you tell yourself it's good practice for when you are finally a companion. can correctly say Raxicoricafalipatrious, even if you can't spell it. develop a minor obsession with happy primes.


...The Look of Death is given to anyone who even begins to insinuate that the Doctor may be fictional. develop Whodar, a sense of when anyone in the area is speaking of Doctor Who and immediately make a new friend, because Ohio, USA is not a hotspot of Whovians.

I have a friend who is a debate tournament judge and she had someone come in for a speech and explain how Doctor Who is real using string theory. Also where I live (Utah, USA) I have a group of single friends that I associate with on a weekly basis and we have learned how to spot which new comers to the group are Whovians. its so awesome.


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