I got the inspiration for this discussion in another group. But anyways, you know that you're obsessed with Doctor Who when you do what?
For me, it's using my flashlight like a sonic-screwdriver to find stuff in my room, lock doors, and question people about my missing school-ID card (which I found with a flashlight I call my sonic screwdriver)  : )

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You are obsessed with Doctor Who when:

1) You are scared of plastic

2) You stare at the sun and think about when it will explode

3) You start seeing the TARDIS on the corner of your street

4) You hate all big, green things

5) You are scared of dirt

6) You devise schemes to trap the Doctor so you can talk to him

7) You try to make a sonic item

8) You hate all volcanoes

9) You avoid all statues

10) You start talking about him to random people on the street

When you find a reference in what people say every 5 sentences even when they don't watch Doctor Who.

When you have two shadows and pray to god that the Vashta Nerada won't eat you now.

That happened to me last night.

I've got a "Trust me, I'm The Doctor" t-shirt to wear on my doctoral thesis defense...

YOU are a hero.

when you find a way to weasel a quote or fact into any assignment

When you smash your insanely creepy angel statues that you've had for years the second after seeing blink.

You say a sentence starting with "People assume..." and then start cracking up and have to start the sentence over. This happened to me twice today.

1) When you rant, you use a British accent, and make new words.
2) You can't trust statues, dolls, or shadows.
3) You get overly excited seing people in overcoats or bowties.
4) You get happy seeing blue boxes.
5) To make siblings get out of your room, you yell EXTERMINATE!

That's what I do, anyway.

I need to start using number 5...if that's okay?

Go right ahead. It's EXTREMELY effective. Especially if one of your siblings is also a Doctor Who fan.


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