I got the inspiration for this discussion in another group. But anyways, you know that you're obsessed with Doctor Who when you do what?
For me, it's using my flashlight like a sonic-screwdriver to find stuff in my room, lock doors, and question people about my missing school-ID card (which I found with a flashlight I call my sonic screwdriver)  : )

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Using wormholes as an excuse for losing something (which could be possible!) and using the idea of timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff in arguments... I'm actually kind of proud whenever I manage to fit it in. I have weird arguments :)

When, if you ever get a dog, you want to name it K-9.

I am so doing this...except I'm really not a dog person.

Making Chameleon Circuit/Doctor Who fans out of my wonderfully nerdy friends at school. I'm easily excited.

when you start throwing chicken into the shadows to make sure they're safe

Omg thats hilarious. i literally laughed out loud at that.

LOL! lets just say it was the beginning of an interesting night...

hahaha. sounds like it;)

Also, when you find out your dad has a trech coat, so you run around all day pretending you're the Doctor.

omg thats awesome!!! im totally jealous of you now

1. You want to kill anyone who calls him "Doctor who"

2. Someone mentions Harry Potter, and you rant about how David Tennant played Barty Crouch Jr.

3. You see a wireless headset in someones ear, and automatically think "Delete!"

4. You run around the house with a plunger, and an egg beater screaming "Exterminate!"

5. Your computer desktop is of either Matt Smith or David Tennant (or Tom Baker, William Hartnell, etc.)

6. Your friends want to duct tape your mouth shut because you can't talk about anything but Doctor Who.

When a friend talks about an episode and you can name the episode and occasionally the number :P


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