The Doctor got his screwdriver, Jack got his gun... If you could have your own sonic item, what would it be? Would it have special features, what would be its main purpose? Would you hide it or use it in public? Let me know!

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Sonic Book, all the normal powers of the doctor's screwdrive and able to copy other books when I past them ( I use too much money on books)
Sonic pencil. Has all the features the new series has used so far, plus it can write on any surface and never need to be sharpened.
Sonic Cell Phone! Pretty much all the powers of the sonic screwdriver/ also able to call home from anywhere in time and space (Much like the companions phones after being sonic-ed)
Sonic pen.  I know the nanny in the Adiopse episode had one, so I guess it's not so original, but seriously.  I always have a pen on hand anyway, why not make it sonic?
Yes. Pens can always be more sonic.
I'd have to go with...sonic umbrella. But only if that meant it could actually unlock doors and do all of the cool stuff a sonic screwdriver can do, while also keeping me dry during a downpour. Oh! And I want it to fly, Mary Poppins-style XD
Me like that thought.

Like Hagrid's umbrella!

Oooohhhh! Sonic Wand!!! Best of both worlds! :) Magic and technology united!
For Me though I would have to say sonic Cane with all sorts of extra goodies. The usual's of the sonic screwdriver and jacks gun, with umbrella capabilities and electro bolts just for a stun thing. Pen/pencil holder. Also a special screwdriver carry on for extra power, not to mention support from the cane itself.
I'd have a sonic xbox controller thing, so that people would be like "that child is CRAZY" and then I'd open a door by pressing B and then it would be awesome.


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