The Doctor got his screwdriver, Jack got his gun... If you could have your own sonic item, what would it be? Would it have special features, what would be its main purpose? Would you hide it or use it in public? Let me know!

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thats interesting.


Honestly, I would want the screwdriver.  I tried to think of some other item, but a screwdriver is genuinely the most useful thing I could think of!  You can take things apart and put things together, can use it to both fix and damage almost anything, and screwdrivers are small enough that you could keep it in your jacket pocket or in a bag and no one would ever have to know.  :)  I also considered a stapler and hammer, though...But hammers are only really good for driving things in, and staplers wouldn't really be very useful.  Just entertaining.

A sonic spanner. And a sonic screwdriver.

It's my dream to be the 13th doctor

A Sonic IPhone :P

The shaft is made of Klaxium Duraflex, making it indestructible, yet flexible and extendable at the same time. VEeeeery extendable. And DAMMIT, IT WORKS ON WOOD! How you ask? Termites. Nano-bots emitted from the bright terra cotta light burrow into the lock and dissolve it. Not very subtle, but effective none the less. When deactivated, the bots either return to the driver or self-destruct. Dead locks are still impossible... yet somehow insultingly easy to aquire. It kind of looks like a large pen mixed with a pair of scizzors and an electric toothbrush in it's most compact state. Removes and replaces matter as the sonic pistol does. Is my sonic conspicuous? Yes. Would anyone notice? What happens when people in 1580's venice see a dark blue box marked "Police"? They Ignore it.

Brilliant! You gave yours more thought that I gave mine. =)

A sonic saw! 

It would have the ability to cut through random stuff, with science lol. (no but really I dunno what kind of powers it would have

I would have a sonic pez dispenser of the tenth doctor *wearing his brainy specs* It would have the power to crack all forms of locks, repair or cut through any material, send messages to any phone or email, detect signs of life within 100 mile radius, project holographic map w/ gps guidence, heat or cool beverages, shrink or enlarge objects *not people* and dispense infinite various flavors of pez ^_^

I like that one. =)

Sonic trombone!


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