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Comment by Úna Parkinson 26 minutes ago
I just think Rory deserved better. I mean he's such a nice guy but Amy kind of doesn't notice him there at all sometimes. Not that I don't like Amy, I think she's cool, but anyway.
Comment by MoAde M Jagusah 8 hours ago

Yeah. If I were over-exaggerating just a bit, I might go as far as to say that Amy was a bit abusive towards Rory, as well as taking him for granted. By abusive, I mean in the physiological sense. She DID kiss a guy (The Doctor) right before their wedding. And I forgot that Rory almost did jump off of a building... xD

Comment by Jade Brundelet 9 hours ago
I really didn't like Amy and Rory's relationship either. It's like they don't love each other until they're in danger or dying. They never do any sort of kissing or hugging or even Amy being really nice to Rory until she's watching him about to jump off a building. The only thing I liked about it was that Amy still would choose him over the Doctor in a heartbeat, but I only like that because you aren't sure who she would choose until she has to and that isn't necessarily a good thing.
Comment by Úna Parkinson 10 hours ago
Oh that's what you meant! Right yeah that makes more sense I agree.
Comment by MoAde M Jagusah 10 hours ago

I just realized that I said 'medical' couple instead of 'medieval' xD

Comment by MoAde M Jagusah 10 hours ago

Okay, cool, I will. ^_^

Comment by Úna Parkinson 11 hours ago
MoAde, I agree completely with you about Amy and Rory. The eleventh Doctor I liked his character but the story arcs got on my nerves after a while and series 7 was quite ugh. Chameleon Circuit are a Trock band they do songs about Doctor Who, you should check them out.
Comment by MoAde M Jagusah 11 hours ago

Una, I totally agree. Actually, I haven't liked much about the eleventh Doctor. I haven't liked his character much, because he seems to silly to be the Doctor to me. Either that, or he's seriously trying to forget his-self.

Amy was okay, but I didn't like how she so easily sold out on Rory when she kissed the Doctor. And he had to 'prove himself' to her before the wedding. Like they were some sort of medical couple??? I also didn't like how she took him for granted, and didn't defend him when the Doctor teased him.

Clara was annoying at first, but she eventually grew on me. Not begrudgingly, like Matt Smith, but gradually, as I realized that she had a lot more character. I mean, at the beginning when she was a hacker on the Dalek planet, I LOVED her. But when she became "the impossible girl" I was sort of just 'Ugg, why can't she just be a girl? Why does she have to be impossible?' 

I've never heard Chameleon Circuit. Are they good? And what genre?

Comment by Danno 12 hours ago

one day!

Comment by Úna Parkinson yesterday
Yeah I never really liked Clara all that much, I only decided I didn't actually think she was annoying pretty recently so like she is cool but her character was more to facilitate a plot rather than actual depth of personality at first... I don't really mind if she leaves, she's had a while and I can't wait to see who'll come onto the scene as future companions! Personally I would love for a comedian to do it, that would be awesome! Also I agree Chameleon Circuit are awesome.

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