I'm currently sweating through the pre-reader review process at Equestria Daily for my first story.  Does any one else do art or writing for FIM?

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I'm a noob artist, I constalty practice and my drawings are getting pretty close to the kind of stuff you still on the drawdefied, but I'm still learning.

I considered writing, but my spelling (and sometimes, grammer) is horrabile, so I droped that.

Good luck with your fic, post a link when it's uploaded :)

EQD said no.  My pre-reader really really really really hated it.  sigh.

That's because they don't know a good story

Quiz was a pretty massive marry sue, and very few marry sue centred fics are good, Past Sins in a debateable example of a marry sue fic done right.

I think the reason he disliked it was because of that.

Just finished the first chapter (I read kinda slowly)

It seems like a great story to me, exept for a few minor grammar mistakes and some non exisnt words.

(You used the word "hands" several times, what are "hands" and why do you mention them so often?)

I'll keep reading it to the end. ^^

I uploaded the last chapter yesterday.  Now, I just want to know, what is so very very wrong with this story the the EQD pre-reader was so outraged that they felt a need to hurt my feelings just for submitting it.

I'll read it and tell you my full opinion when I find the time, right now I'm a bit accuipied reading Fallout Equestria, but I'll take the time to read your fic and tell you my opinion in a bit.

I do: It's reasonable popular, take a look if you want 

Good story.  My biggest criticism is you tend to repeat yourself.  You'll use the same or similar wording sometimes in consecutive sentences.  You are getting better with practice; this was a real problem in chapter one, not so much in later chapters.

While you are still working on your craft as far as your wording goes, your skills as a story teller are already very good.  I'm not a big fan of shipping, but I like this.  You foreshadow it well, and I found myself thinking "Wow, he's perfect for her!"

I'm looking forward to the final chapters.

Thank you very much, it's always nice to get feedback. Please send me a message on FIMFiction when you have finished and tell me what you think

Given how popular this group is and how swiftly it's grown I can hardly believe this forum doesn't get more traffic.  This is a venue for you to promote your fanfic; and most promotion for fanfic is self promotion, more of you should take advantage.

That said - I've begun the sequel to the story I already promoted here.


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