With every good fandom come the fanatics, the cosplayers, the "quote-every-line-of-every-episoders", and of course-


If all goes well, this discussion will eventually be able to become a long thread of sketches, fan-ponies, and vector art.


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Here, I'll go first to break the ice.

Here's a quick drawing I did after the release of "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well".


Oh my gosh! this is amazing! Haha, i hope you liked your secret santa gift!

Nice drawing!

I like the fanart , but sometimes some of the fanatics can get pretty ridicules.

I cant upload any drawings for now becuse I'm still trying to learn how to draw ponies (it's the head , I just dont know how to draw it ><)


And yes. Every fandom does have its crazies. I have to be careful to hold myself back lest I should become one of them.

I always found that the legs were the trickiest with Faust-style ponies. My style just isn't cutsey enough to handle the pudginess.

My drawing is crap, but I would like to keep this going so... Yep I drew it for my brother for Christmas, and yes, the colours are kind of wrong, but I had a small selection of pencil crayons... anyways


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