I find myself loving everything to do with Britain.

I think its ever since the royal wedding that interest in Brtain as a whole perked up.

I am such a fun of the language and constantly find myself trying to speak British even though I am British. And coming from a better off (is that the word) part of Britain compared to some of my friends I speak relatively posher than some of my friends-though this is mostly due to education.

Anyone else from Britain feel the need to constantly improve their English?

Or maybe your from abroad and enjoy the British Language so much you have not gone a day without calling a hot drink a brew- or cuppa to some.

I'm interested in what all British quirks and language you have acquired and enjoy using in real life.


Quick note check out Jack Whitehall- British Comedian with an incredible accent.

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love jack whitehall.

I also come from a 'better off' part of england and go to a relativly posh school and even my friend from roughly the same area is alot less 'posh' sounding then me because of various reason, I don't think of myself as being that posh and think I am quite americanized in my language however i do find myself trying to be more british. when i talk out loud (to my self) my accent suddenly gets way more 'posh'. I somtimes use the word fag even though it's now used in england like the americans use it for slang for a gay person, but i still sometimes use it for slang of a cigarette. Arse (sorry for the swear) instead of ass. I love being english but since i don't drink tea (trying my dad's which is black with around 5 sugars had put me off trying it properly), i don't play cricket (much) or rugby (except in class) so i have to find other ways to be as british as possible. we did a project in textiles and we had to do a double page of what is britian for homework mine was really bad because she was giving suggestions like tea and jack wills etc but to me britian is so much more then that the music the culture is all so iconic and i just love living in this awesome country. sorry that was way to much writing but i started typing and just sort of didn't stop.

I loved reading through it however. No writing is too much writing haha.

Ah jack whitehall is amazing right.

I don't think english is just about tea and cricket, I also think its about the way we feel (well some places) as a community. Whenever we see someone in trouble we feel compelled to help although there some that choose not to. British Music is another great thing about Britain.

Wow 5 sugars in tea. Really :o WOW. Well maybe you could try tea again but with honey and lemon-though I think I'm being slightly biased because lemon honey tea is my favourite tea (no sugars the honey replaces the sugar)

Britain- Double Decker Buses. Doctor Who (sorry tried to get through this reply without mentioning doctor who but i find it quite impossible) Beautiful Parks. Mary Poppins. OH and harry Potter.

omg how epic is your name. hogla mwanza ftw
Haha why thank you :D
yes all though thinks I totally agree. about the tea i don't like honey, sorry. I love our museums as well you go up to london and there is so many and art galleries i was looking into them for my summer art homework and there were so many i had never even heard of. I mean about 1 hours from my house there is a musuem devoted to real stuffed animal bit creepy being in a room full of dead animals but that dates back nearly a century when the only way to see exotic animals was killing them and bringing them back cos no zoos. We are the famous for a queueing here in england and i love that, when me and my sister don't know what to do we'll join a queue so as to avoid just having to stand there. 

aha! ahh well tea isn't really anything major anyway's. 

Oh British museums are the best-love going into london as the museums are so close to each other and so very amusing.

Ah queues are fun you always end up finding out someone's entire life story within a couple of minutes thanks to queues.


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