Here's where you can share what shows you get your British fill from.

Here's my list (in a particular order):
Doctor Who
Graham Norton Show
Being Human
Friday Night With Jonathon Ross

Share share, and people can see what they may be missing out on.

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Doctor Who
Being Human
Gordon Ramsay's the F Word
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
That is all I can think of at this moment but I assure you there are more.
Doctor Who!

i've seen every episode of the new series (twice) ! I am doing my best to get into the old series... it's hard for me.
same. i have this problem when i love the current doctor and when he regenerates its "Omg, he'll NEVER be as good as Christopher! EVER!" now, "Matt Smith is inferior, INFERIOR I SAY!"
Every time they get a new Doctor, I'm like ''No, I want the old one back, this will never be as good as that'' That lasts about two episodes, at most, and then I love the new one as well. Though David Tennant is still my favorite, he won my absolute love the moment he stumbled out of the Tardis, and became my favorite after the ''Rude and not Ginger'' bit.
it's way easier to get into the old series if you start on a good episode or at least a good doctor try the 4th or 3rd they are amazing
Monty Python
I only get to watch the BritComs on PBS, so I am a wee bit limited: Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley, Waiting for God, As Time Goes By (Judi Dench is adorable!), and Are You Being Served?

I've seen clips of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Doctor Who, Little Britain (my friend would show me her favorite PM and Sebastian parts, hahaha.), and That Mitchell and Webb Look.

When I was living with my grandparents over the summer, who had BBC America, I snapped up Top Gear, Bargain Hunt, and You Are What You Eat. The first one was the best, the other two were watched while I made breakfast and lunch before going to work.

The US shows I watch (for comparison): EUReKA, Nova Science Now, and Flapjack. That's it. I'd watch Sanctuary if they'd start showing episodes again. But still, the score is 13 to 4, with Britain taking the lead!
If you like That Mitchell and Web Look you should totally watch Peep Show. Same blokes but it's more of a sitcom.
My favorites are:

Doctor Who
Red Dwarf
Last of the Summer Wine
My Family

All of which my dad introduced me to. Yay for my dad, who could totally be a nerdfighter.
Friday Night with Johnathon Ross
How clean is your house
Gordon Ramsay's F Word
You are what you eat
Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
Graham Norton Show
Doctor Who!
Robin Hood (Though it's been getting worse and worse.)
I'll agree with you on Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week :L

Just need to add Doctor Who to the list...tut tut


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