I bet we all can agree that the Beatles were a pretty amazing group of musicians, but were they the best? I personally think they were, but this is coming from a total Beatlemaniac. What do you think? Were they the best? If you don't think they were, who do you think was/is?

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Without a doubt in my mind, the Beatles were the greatest British band that ever was and ever will be. Not only did they combine hilarious and sarcastic personalities with genius and often very strange music, but they set a standard for the music industry. In 1963, they were the embodiment of popular music. Looking at everything that happened in music, (most notably until the end of the 70s if you don't count the members' solo careers, but come on, we still see their influence today) it would be easy to say that they changed the style that was accepted as a popular genre of music. They reformed the way major bands progressed, because they weren't afraid to completely change themselves. Musicians today have the freedom to evolve, and that was definitely influenced by the very obvious and accepted changes that the Beatles went through. Martha My Dear is an amazing song, the end.

Yes, they were. It's that simple.

Yes. yes. yes.


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