mine is "couldn't be bothered." or when they put "yeah" at the end of a sentence. that and when things are "brilliant!"

i don't say things are brilliant so much, since it's usually only said sarcastically here, but i've incorporated the others into my regular speech.

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DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST!...but they probably don't even say that that often...I like "summat" too.
and "innit." i love that one!
I love when they say Rubbish :)
absolutely! :)
crazy crumbs. i just heard it from charlieissocoollike and i love it.
When love is used at the end of a sentence. Calling people love is what I love.
me too!
I say "brilliant" all the time!

Recently, I was reading Doctor Who Magazine (because my mum is amazing and got me two issues) and saw that instead of "portapotty," they said "portaloo." It made my day. And now I can't go back to saying "portapotty."

I love it when they call people mad. I accidentally said that to a customer once at my job. I started counting out nickels instead of dimes, then I put them back and said "Ooh, sorry! I'm going mad." She did one of those awkward laughs that people do when they want to get out of a weird situation. Apparently she didn't appreciate my inner Brit.
i have to stop myself from saying mad all the time! i'm always like, "that's absolutely m-crazy!"
Hahaha, Portaloo? That's amazing. :D
Everyone gets mad at me when i use exclamations like "Brilliant". Apparently, I'm not British. I mean just because I've never been to Britain.... :)


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