what are some of your traditions and beliefs? it can be on anything.

what is said should be respected by others who post on here.

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When it comes to religon, I believe and follow the traditions of Roman Catholicism (as I have discussed in the religion discussion). On my mom's side of the family we have all these little traditions, such as we harmonize "happy birthday", neither Christmas or St. Patrick's Day (some of our ancestors were Irish) is complete without singing (we're musical people), and we always take a day in October every year to get together and read certain poems (long story on that one). Those are just some of the traditions. These are some of my other beliefs:

Aliens and UFOs: I believe that there could be other life in the universe, but I don't think that UFOs visit earth

Bigfoot: I would think that if Bigfoot were real then we would have caught one by now, but I think it's a bit odd that so many different cultures and places in the world have a legendary creature like bigfoot... I have to say I don't really believe though

Ghosts: I wouldn't believe in ghost except for the stories of how my sisters saw this ghost in my old house (yes, you might say that they were just pulling my leg, which normally they would do on most occasions, but I know that they aren't joking on this one.) My theory on ghosts is the combination of 2 theories: that ghosts are just the leftover energy (sorry for not being able to explain this all sciency) from the people gone, as the ghost my sisters saw on several occasions was always the same girl running in the hallway the same way, but didn't do anything else besides that. And I think that certain people can only  sense paranormal things, as some of my family has experienced quite a few paranormal things, while some of us, such as myself, never have.

Sorry that I don't have anything very interesting, as I am a logical and practical (and according to my mom, part vulcan... yeah inside joke) person.

hey youre not the only one whose had paranormal accounts. so youre not alone on that one ^^

I believe in God, as a Christian, even though I get pretty wobbly in my faith sometimes :)

and from here on in, in no particular order -

I believe in evolution too, and I will spare you my long explanation.

I believe that there is good in all people.

I believe that Max Erhmann's Desiderata is a totally awesome poem that is like a mini guide book for living.

I believe that there are things beyond human understanding, and that is okay.

I believe all you need is love, and that Moulin Rouge is a fantastic movie!

I am a pragmatic naturalist.  I do not concern myself with questions that are immune from rigorous inquiry.  I reject the idea of a noumenal "higher" reality existing beyond the natural world of space/time.  I believe that truth should be defined by practical consequences, not by appeals to an ultimate truth.  This concepts applies to my views on ethics and morality as well; decisions should be made based not on principles, but on grounds that aim toward the best pragmatic ends.


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