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Nerds in Richmond.

Hello!This month there is going to be a one-day Comic Con in Richmond where I'll be cosplaying Jayne :D It's my first ever cosplay and if t…

Started by Jane Burke

0 Jun 5, 2014

Will it ever come back?

Rumors always run around about it coming back. Do you think it could? If it could come back to life again, who would come back? Who would r…

Started by Aravis the Tarkheena

19 Nov 29, 2013
Reply by Erica Croft

Favorite Episode?

My Favorite has got to be the last one when Jubal Early, the bounty hunter, comes to get River and Simon. There are sooo many good moments!…

Started by Manda Robertson

49 Aug 8, 2013
Reply by Jane

Who is the preacher?

on the episode where the bounty hunter comes onto the ship, he mentions that the preacher is more than that, and when he gets sick, his car…

Started by William Newcome

21 Jul 4, 2013
Reply by Mal Hartman

Was killing off Wash at the end of the movie gratuitous cast-murder/endtying/sobfest-funeral manufacturing?

The title says it all.

Started by VoldeMargo

40 Apr 17, 2012
Reply by Kim Pate

From the BDM: Mal's Sin???

I'm sure we all remember the part in the BDM where, about to kill our dear Captain, "The Operative" asks Mal if he knows what his sin is, t…

Started by Karen J Lamb

3 Feb 27, 2010
Reply by Jamie Mountain

Firefly Addiction Showcase :)

When I love something - a book, a movie, or whatever - I often feel the urge to create something that's related to the thing I love. Well,…

Started by spec10

3 Oct 18, 2009
Reply by Karen J Lamb

20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre

Next Wednesday/Thursday is the 20th anniversary of the massacre in Tiananmen Square. On Wednesday, I'll be starting a thread commemorating…

Started by Kirsten

1 Jun 2, 2009
Reply by Kirsten

Drawings, LOLimages, etc., etc., etc....

So as you may have seen on the Homepage, Hank sent a call for help looking for DFTBA illustrations. I couldn't resist. I did two with Mal.…

Started by Karen J Lamb

3 Apr 17, 2009
Reply by Shadowfax


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