My Favorite has got to be the last one when Jubal Early, the bounty hunter, comes to get River and Simon. There are sooo many good moments!
Simon: "Are you alliance?"
Jubal: "Am I a Lion... I don't think of myself as a Lion... I have a mighty roar!"
Simon: "I said alliance.."
Jubal: "Oh, I thought..."
Post your fave and why bellow!

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i liked Jaynestown a lot, i think its my favorite

He stole from the rich and he gave to the poor! stood up to the man and he gave him what for! our love for him now, ain't hard to explain, the hero of canton the man they call Jayne!!!! :) love it!!!

  The bounty hunter one, hands down!I love that episode! There were just so many awesome and funny moments.
I would say its a tossup between War Stories and Objects in Space. Wash is my favorite, so bias sets in for War Stories; on the other hand, Jubal Early may be the greatest villain ever.

Out of Gas :D

I like the one with the dead guy who is transporting illegal organs... don't remember what it was called... I love the scene where Mal is running around shooting in the air and screaming like a maniac! :) It's great!!!!

"Out Of Gas"  <3

And because I can see a mention of the "big damn heroes" part just below where I'm typing... My actual fav part of that ep is the...
"The girl is a witch."
"Yeah, but she's our witch, [cocks gun] so cut her the hell down."

I just think it's really great how there are no clear favorites, almost all of the episodes are accounted for. It really shows how each episode has different elements that different people love. What a great show! :)


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