My Favorite has got to be the last one when Jubal Early, the bounty hunter, comes to get River and Simon. There are sooo many good moments!
Simon: "Are you alliance?"
Jubal: "Am I a Lion... I don't think of myself as a Lion... I have a mighty roar!"
Simon: "I said alliance.."
Jubal: "Oh, I thought..."
Post your fave and why bellow!

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I think mine would have to be 'Out Of Gas', when Serenity is stranded with a busted Compression Coil (I think that was the broken part) and Mal is reminiscing about how he met all of them.

That, or possibly 'Bushwhacked', when Simon and River get captured... Namely for the 'Big Damn Heroes' scene

The "Big Damn Heroes" scene is in "Safe", I think. That one's definitely one of my favourites :)

I especially enjoyed the episode with Kayleigh in the *hideous* pink dress- what was it called again? Swordfighting looks so much cooler than a firefight. Yay.
The Episode was called "Shindig", I think thats the one that I have watched the most actually :)
You mean "Objects in space"? Hell yes! I like Early too damn much.
Jubal Early = <3
I can't stop laughing. I had to pause the first time I saw that, true awesome.
Might have to go with Jaynestown. Jayne is most likely my favorite character, and just getting some more information about his past was great. Not to mention the whole dialogue exchange in front of the statue. Good times.
"Wherever I go...his eyes keep following me..."
"they definitely captured his.. esence"
"he looks mad"
"that's kinda what I meant"
Jaynestown. Not for Jayne, but for River with the Bible. :D


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