I moved to France a couple of years ago now, when I was twelve. I was born in England though, Swindon to be precise, and I wondered if there were any other English speaking Nerdfighters in France who'd like to improve their French on someone equally bad - or just fancied someone to be awesome with.



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Hey fellow expat ! I'm 17 and I moved to France 8 years ago Im glad to see I'm not the Only Nerdfighter in France /
:) Where are you in France ? DFTBA

Hello! I'm fourteen and I've just hit the two year anniversary for french living :) I'm in the Pyrenees-Orientales (66) i.e deepest darkest Catalonia. What about you?

Really, really sorry about not replying for THREE MONTHS. I had some computer/email trouble which messed up, well, most things for a bit, but now I'm back! My email is once again notifying me of Stuff That Happens On The Internet! 

Hi! I'm 14 and I moved to France when I was 4. I'm actually Scottish, though :) I live in Marseille and I completely though I was alone! AND you speak english! This is utterly fantastic!

DFTBA, Kirsty x

Me! I am american and I have only lived here for a year :)

I live out in Paris, where are you? I hope close D:

HEY! I'm an ex-pat in france too! I'm actually american. This is my first year here. I'm in Paris too! We seriously need more nerdfighters in France. It's kinda lonely... Oh and btw! I'm 16. 


what school are you going to? you could be going to my school!!!! that would be SO cool! i am 16 too and have been living here for a bit more than a year! please respond i would love to meet a fellow nerdfighter! DFTBA!

Yeah, that would be brilliant!! :) I'm at College Jean-Amade in Ceret at the moment (near-ish Perpignan?) I'm fourteen now actually, not sixteen - but I'm in 3éme, a little young for my class.  

Where are you about? Like I say, I'm in 66. 


I go to ASP. I'm a senior.

Yeah, it is a bit lonely without fellow english speakers :( Sorry, I haven't replied for three months, because one, I am an idiot, two, I didn't know anyone had replied to the discussion. I've been having some email problems recently, but all sorted now :)
I'm in Ceret, near Perpignan. It's really quite sort of... colloquial. Like moving from London to... Well, Ceret.
Except I'm from Swindon. OK, just ignore everything I just said.

hi, okay i'm neither from the UK ,or any other english speaking country, nor do I realy live in france, but I do spend a lot of time in 57 because my mom lives there.

and that brings me to a giant problem, because i speak basically no frensh, i'm from austria by the way,

so maybe any of you awsom nerdfighters can help me learn a few things?

oh, with 57 I mean Meurthe-et-Moselle

Hello! I've been having some problems with my email settings, which is why I haven't replied for three months - sorry :(

I live in 66 (Pyrenees-Orientales), so I'm a few departments away, unfortunately. But my email is so if you want help with your French then contact me via that or PM :) Maybe we should all set up a big Skype meeting or something, with all of us ex pats, in which we only speak French. So far I've found that being thrown in the deep end is the best way to learn, anyway - although the support of Nerdfighteria has been great over the last couple of years :)

Good luck with the French! I'd love to help in any way I can :D

hello! i have been living right outside of paris for a bit more than a year. i am 16 and am glad i am not the only nerfighter here in france!!!! woohoo! i would love to have a nerdfighter gather or something here! that would be awesome! i am american by the way.



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