Are any nerdfighters going to be attending AWA this year?

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No, I'm a west coaster. I'm going to Con-Nichiwa in March and Anime Kaigi in July.
I think everyone lives on the west coast ,or so it seems sometimes. I wanted to go to comic-con but it was on the west cost, so it was too far away.
where is AWA?  I went to Cos&Effect, and V-con this year so far.and me and my friend were thinking of starting a youtube chanel where we go to, and review the conventions. we could dress up as characters and show how great it was or wasn't, anyone might be interested?

I know this is really late, but AWA is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sorry it took so long to reply.

I'm going to Otakon on East Coast this year, but not AWA D:

Nope, I can't I live in Hawaii...I went to the Kawai Kon though


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