Don't deny it, i know you all have at least one fictional character crush whether it be their appearance or personality that you love! Ok, so i was pretty surprised that there was no thread for this.. but anyway mine are:
- Kanda Yu (D.gray-man); he has awesome hair and attitude
- Narumi (Gakuen Alice);again the hair and personality

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Amy/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. I still have a thing for blue hair and nerdy girls.
....edward elric :D even though he is.... er has a height umm... issue :D
<3 <3 <3 <3 Yusuke Urameshi <3 <3 <3 <3
Renji from Bleach- his hair and tattoos are eic :)
Ichigo from bleach- appearence and personality :D
Apollo from Genesis of Aquarion- personality

hahaha i seem to have a thing for red haired anime characters :P

Aqua from kingdom of hearts 3..... Sigh

Hellow, new here.

Mine are the Hitsugaya Toushiro (Captain of the 10th Squad) in Bleach who has the best Zanpaktou I ever seen.And the opposite side, i like Aizen.Huhu!~ Hot looking bad guy.

:) And i like the "Ghost of Akina",Takumi in Initial D.Been liking him since i was in secondary school. XD


Where to begin.. 

Mugen - Samurai Champloo

Satashi - Higurashi

The twins - Ouran

Kyo - Fruits basket


I can't even keep going, there is too many..

Zero from Vampire Knight

So hard to choose!  top five:

1. Gokudera Hayato (katekyo hitman reborn)

2. Kyo Sohma (fruits basket)

3. Kyouya Ootori (ouran high school host club)

4. L Lawliet (Death Note)

5.  Shouich Irie (katekyo hitman reborn)

I like

Hatori Sohma

Spike Spiegel

Kenji Harima

and Roy Mustang.

They are my favorites.

Konata Izumi is my crush.


L, Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Yukio, Rin, Sebastian.. and probably even more :P :P 


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