Book-Presentation of "The Fault in our Stars" in Germany (11th-14th of September)

Just as last time in 2009, John Green will be presenting his new book, this time "the fault in our stars", at the international literature festival in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

I know that because my teacher contacted me about this matter and sent me the newsletter, saying so. (I'll attach it in this post).

So yes, the festival will start on the 4th September and end on the 16th. In between that time, John Green will have his book-presentation.

I for myself look quite forward to this and I'm pretty sure some of you are too.

Well, 'till then DFTBA!


The final dates are: Sep 11th in Berlin, 12th in Hamburg, 13th in Frankfurt and 14th in Munich


Site of the festival

Site of the publisher

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Awesome! I live in Berlin, so I'll try my darndest to make it to the presentation. (Berlin nerdfighters: wie waer"s mit einem NF-Treffen?)

So far, John doesn't seem to be on the festival's list of confirmed authors, but we'll chalk it up to slow updating.

Great idea! Let´s take this as an opportunity too meet some Berlin or in general German Nerdfighters before or after John´s presentation!

okay, this is just awesome! i'll definitely be there.

reason to go to berlin? check!

Hoe about we plan a big nerfighter gathering for all nerds in germany

THAT is actually quite a good idea. After all, it's John Green.

That would be amazing! I havn't met any nerdfighters yet, which - well - sucks! And all by myself I wouldn't have the guts to talk to anyone. Let alone John Green.............

YEAH I know that proplem:-) so let's join forces

Most excellent idea, my good man! I would be able to provide accommodation (if somewhat cramped) for up to two nerdfighters who don't mind sharing a fold-out sofa in Berlin.

Really? that would be awesome,otherwise I have to live in a hostel for a few days because I live quiet far from Berlin.But that would be fine as well

If you don't mind, I'd like to tag the second half of the sofa. I might actually be able to contact some former classmate, but I'm not sure if any of them still live in Berlin. So, just in case - don't want to end up homeless... I would tell you as soon as possible, if someone is still up there........

Let's wait until we have a definitive date before we make any decisions. I have a few days off during the Literaturfestival, but I originally took those so I could to go to London for a wedding. I haven't received an official invite yet, but it is scheduled for Sept 8th... It would SUCK if I had to decide between the two!


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