Since not everybody is able to attend at the 10th of march it stands to reason to meet up on another date.

So, same place (Hannover) on feb 18th?

And how many people should attend so we will meet? Last time we were "only" four, so we know that is enough to meet ;)

Additional bigger gathering in March:

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Who is going to make the DFTBA sign? I think we will probably be 5 people, so do we just wait then until everybody is there or just a fixed time?

i say we make a time. maybe 13:30 or something like that, so all the trains come in at around the same time.

ooh, and maybe we should all wear nerd t-shirts, or buttons or bags or things like that, maybe that'd be without the sighn then?!

I'd say we do a sign too because I don't have any nerd shirts or somehing like that and it's easier to recognize each other with a sign. Maybe we can do both?

So, next Saturday Feb 18th 13:30 at the Statue in front of Hanover main station. The nerdy looking crowd with the DFTBA sign(s). From there we'll improvice something that involves food and talking.

Thats sums it up I think.

I'd like some confirmation that I won't be alone there. I know some already did that, but now it should be clearer to everybody if they can attend or not. Unplanable things that happen beside.

mmh that sounds awfully denglish, sorry for that.

sounds brilliant! i shall be there!!!!!!!

looking forward to it. see you then!!!!!!!!

i will be there too :) many are we then?

Sorry I hadn't written anything, yet. I'll be there, too =).

turns out i probably won't make it tomorrow. been stuck in bed the last couple of days with a huge case of the flu, so no chance in getting up and going to a meeting made of pure awesomeness,

dftba and have a great time!

If you feel well enough to be with us ... i'm the guy completly in black with long hair and a beard with the females made of awesome ;) I would write a PM with my mobilnumber but I can't ....

And get well soon :-)

I'm off to the train, see some of you soon.

thanks! see you in march then.... :)

So I'm home. Early enough that i managed to to grocery shopping, yeah.

I didn't drink enough though, my head hurts a little ^^


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