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Grammar Pet Peeves

I found my haven of hard-core grammar nazis! ^.^ I've noticed in the comments that we all have certain...lingo that we can't stand. My pers…

Started by Ji Kim

100 Nov 27, 2013
Reply by Genevieve Paul

Book Recommendations/Club?

Well, as Danyelle Noortajalli suggested, we Grammar Nerdfighters enjoy books as well as grammar. So should we have our own little book club…

Started by Allie

14 Nov 6, 2013
Reply by Genevieve Paul

Thoughts on gender neutral singular pronouns?

I'm curious what other people think about gender neutral pronouns such as ne or ze, and the singular 'they' as a polite pronoun for trans p…

Started by Alex B

1 May 20, 2013
Reply by Edi


I'm not easily stumped by grammar, but I know when to ask for help! Any input is greatly appreciated.   The decision is between: Writer's B…

Started by Chris Fox

9 Sep 29, 2012
Reply by son-I-of-M-al


A fellow nerdfighter and I are having a debate. What is the proper way to write: To Joe, Pat, or whoever/whomever reads this letter:

Started by Kayla

1 Sep 19, 2012
Reply by Neha Rahman

Should you correct people when they end a sentence in a preposition?

I understand that technically, yes, ending a sentence in a preposition is wrong, but should we correct people on this? In common speech, "W…

Started by Kayla

6 Aug 26, 2012
Reply by Ali M

I'm confused about y as a vowel

When you were learning about the vowels you always repeated " A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y." but nobody ever said when Y was considered a…

Started by Josie

7 Aug 23, 2012
Reply by LilyRose

Confused about the use of "whom"

I don't understand when to use it and when not to. I figure you guys, as the grammar nerd fighters, could help clear my confusion.

Started by Kimbo

5 Dec 31, 2011
Reply by Kimbo

Grammar Horror Stories

I know we all have particular grammatical errors we can't stand, but I wondered if anyone else had horrific stories on the mutilation of th…

Started by Zara

23 Dec 3, 2011
Reply by Racheljoy Capitola

National Punctuation Day!

To celebrate National Punctuation Day, I have some questions! 1. What is your favorite form of punctuation? 2. Which punctuation mistake ir…

Started by jambery

15 Oct 1, 2011
Reply by Ruthy Pankl


Youtube Links!

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