Okay so I've been having a little bit of trouble identifying as bisexual, because people seem to feel that you have to choose to be either straight or gay, and that to be bisexual is to either be experimenting or unwilling to admit that you're gay. I even have a gay acquaintance who says that bisexuals are "fakers". However for me, its the person I am attracted to, not the gender, and bisexuality is the easiest way to explain that to people.

So I wanted to pose the question, what do you think about the Bisexual label? Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with bisexuality, because I don't really believe that sexuality is a black or white deal. But I'd like to hear from other people.

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Its not black and white. I identify as bisexual because I don't care if you're a boy or girl. I'm attracted to both. I like who I like, I love who I love. The end.

Everyone one here is bisexual. . .I feel like such an outsider :P

But here is how I have always felt about bisexuals. "I will take your word for it". Bacause I feel like sexuality is just a question of what you like, and I can't tell you what you like, I'm not in your f*cking head! Saying you can't be bisexual is like saying you can't like both mayo and miracle whip. I personally think miracle whip is nasty crap, and I don't understand how people could like it, so when people tell me they're a "miracle whip guy" or whatever I'm just like "Eww, if you like it you can have it." and that's how it should be like with sexuality. Why do you f*cking care about other peoples preferences. Life is a sandwich, and you make it how you f*cking want.  (/rant end)

I think that is the most beautiful simile dealing with condements and sexuality I've ever heard :')

Thanks for making me laugh :D

Life is a sandwich, and you make it how you f*cking want.

My new Philosophy ;D

I know what you mean! I want to tell people I'm demisexual, but no one know what the hell that even means. (It's the wimply middle between asexual and sexual). So I end up telling everyone 'bisexual' and people automatically assume I'm some sort of sex fiend, or just painstakingly desperate, when in reality I have little to no interest in that sort of thing and know fully that I like both men and women. And then half of them think I'm just kidding myself trying to be anything less than a lesbian, which pisses me off quite a bit.

Then they assume I'm in it for freedom/variety, like I have some weird need to see different types of junk every week. *sigh* It's the mind that matters.

I really wish people could just get their heads out of their asses and realize that sexuality is A: not black and white, B: it doesn't make you any different of a person, and C: it's no one's damned business in the first place. :x

My sister is a bisexual woman and dated both guys and girls. When she came out of the closet to me I said: ''Didn't we knew that all along?'' I never thought of her as bisexual, but it just seemed very logical when she told me.

I still haven't figured it out for myself. I identify as bisexual and sometimes as straight. Thus far, the cliché of the overly-sexual bisexual might be true for me...? I am sexually attracted to guys and girls. I've had two romantic relationships with guys, but I crush on girls easily, but I was never really in love with a girl. On the other hand - I could fall for a girl, I guess.

As a Psychology major I do believe in the Kinsey  scale like it's a religion. <3

Completly agree with that. I am 22 now and still can't figure out. I crush on girls but have never been in a sexual relationship with one. I did have a few boyfriends, though. I just can't say for sure if I'm straight or bi

Oh, good God, I have that too. My parents seem to think that I'm going to 'pick a side'.


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