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Christian and Gay are not two mutually exclusive things :/ Maybe phrase things a little more respectfully next time? :) A GSA is all about respect at it's core isn't it?

I believe tht the people on fox news and the people on the young turks have been taught very different and very contridictatory things. We cannot compare apples to oranges. However tempting it is, we must not atgue with our opponents, but compromise. Someone once said that you do not make peace with your enemys.
It is hard not to understnd things, especially things that are very surprising and new to some people. We cannot expect them to automatically drop everything that they are doing to come and join us, but we can tell them, this is what we do, please look at us and acnoledge us. Small steps must be taken in order to make peace. And as supportive as i am of human rights, we cannot react the same way as the enemy reacts. we must agree to disagree. Anger and denial are never the answers.
please find a better way to express your love for the cause, and not your hatred for anothers.

This....This irks my soul...

First of in the hell was that bullying?

Second, Fox News is extremely racist, Republican, and hates anyone who is not racist or Republican, or Christian. I am sure Dan Savage is laughing his ass off at their stupidity.


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