Homophobia (from Greek homós: one and the same; phóbos: fear, phobia) is an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality, homosexuals,or individuals perceived as homosexual. Some definitions lack the "irrational" component.Homophobic is the adjective form of this term used to describe the qualities of these characteristics, while homophobe is the noun form given as a title to individuals labeled with homophobic characteristics. Homophobia was first used with its modern meaning in 1972, although it was coined in the mid-1950s. It has been criticized as a pejorative against those with differing value positions, with several researchers proposing alternative words to describe prejudice and discrimination against gays and lesbians. The term "internalized homophobia" is used to describe a prejudice against one's own homosexuality.

...that's the wikipedia definition. What does homphobia mean to you? Do you think it can be abolished? Personally, I think it can.It's clear that it is wrong, inhumane, and unfair. It needs to be stopped. And if anyone can stop it, it's the Nerdfighters. So my other question is, if we can stop it, when will it happen?

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It will take alot of time, because "[homophobia is] taught" (I can't remember who said that im really sorry).
Even racism is still around, as is sexism. Are they as bad as they were? Hell no. But they still exist.

Where I live, its the chinese culture that I find most discriminated against in the city. Outside in the more rural areas, it beomes homophobic more so. When you look at history you can see why specific racial discrimination started, but Homophobia is something I have alot of trouble identifying.
Is it religion? Is it the fact that its "different from the norm"? (Really, what is normal? Other than a mathmatical calculation showing a straight line on a graph with curvy results?) Is it just that it was engrained in culture for so long?
I think if we really want to understand how to combat discrimination and phobias, we have to try to identify where it stems from and fix that. Education being a big forefront of the movement.
We can't just tell people "This is what you should believe/feel" but we can start putting more education out there, fighting stereotypes so that people can make an informed decision on how they feel about it.

Every year multiple pride events happen around the city. The amount of people that show up for support grows every year. Unfortunetly its become a big corporate event, but there's a good side to that as well as it demonstrates that companies are becoming less prejudiced. And yet in the same area where that is held, and couples walk in "broad daylight" and are accepted, a man was brutally attacked in a bar while his attacker screamed homophobic slander at him. So the war goes on.

What can nerdfighters do? The GSA and GLBTQ organizations in schools some of the members here are organizing are a great start! I think we could help organize events, and since we're nerds use our knowledge to help educate others. Fight stereotypes! Show support! Wasn't there just a big event on some American College/University where men marched in heels to promote awareness about sexual stereotypes or something? It got on the news all the way up here!
i think you're right on this, there's little we can past pushing it

i mean, if we push the people to believe in things that they're not sure about, why not just come out and call ourselves a religion, wrongas it is, we may not abolish homophobia soon, but we're on the right path..

also, i've been thinking about a few movies and how they subtly put homophobia in the spotlight and enforce it (not destroy it) and there are a few, but i'll just name the main one in my mind
deliverance (if you've seen it, you'd understand right away, but for those of you that haven't) there's a scene where two icest hillbillies force these guys to.. well... do 'homosexual acts' on them (blowjob, rape.... but man on man)
then another guy comes along and kills the hillbillies (or one of them) and it's 'ok' because they do such 'horrible acts'... now i'm not saying rape is good, but i'm sure they wouldn't have killed them if it wasn't a homosexual act.....
i'm not saying deliverance is a bad movie, i mean i quite like most of it but that one scene (actually i'd suggest you watch it to see what i mean) but it's a bit sad that it has such over the top views (and yes, it's an older move and we have been getting better, but it's still not right)
Homophobia can only be stopped if people understand that their God doesn't hate gay people. I believe in the same God as most homophobes, but sometimes I feel like they're so different, because the God I believe in hates no one. Like racism, sexism, and antisemitism, it probably can't be stopped. But you're right the nerdfighters can reduce it! Raise awareness, let everyone know that love is love no matter what. (:
I second that, Amanda. I'm a Christian -- a follower of Jesus and a lover of God -- but nowhere in the Bible do I read that God hates gays. What about that over-quoted verse John 3:16? "For God so loved the world..." and that means everyone in it! I think one of the worst things about homophobia is that so many homophobes call themselves Christians. No wonder so many people think we're all hypocrites!

I'm obviously not saying that all nerdfighters are Christians, but just that we all have to come together as we are -- as Christians and Muslims and Jews and and people who love God and love people -- and let everyone know that God doesn't hate. (Atheists have it real easy here.)

Will we ever solve the problem? Probably not in our lifetimes, at least. But that doesn't mean we can't get started.
I thought differently. It is the anti-gay christians and muslims who are causing the problem. Church that preached gay is sin is part of the problem.

I do appreciate individual christian saying that from his or her interpretation of the bible, he or she doesn't hate gays. But the church they belong to might preach about hating gay, and that is the problem.
i see where this comes from. i am part of a very catholic church and i can't see it going over well with my church. i beleive that God loves everybody for who they are. he loves you for your heart and your soul and your love for others! not who you love! God loves all his children! not just the "pure" ones. everybody is pure! nomatter what their sexuality!
Well, I even have problems having religious people saying gays are not "pure" based on religious beliefs that I don't agree with.

That is the problem. Even the more accepting persons in church would gave the wrong impression.
To those quoting Bible verses on homosexuality, there is a verse or two in Levitiucs (everything is in Leviticus xD) and a verse in Romans. Yet, it depends on the Bible and it depends on the translation. The one I'm looking at is greek translated, I believe. Greek is a very complex language and many words exist there that don't have a very good tanslation in english. (For example, there are three greek words for love. Philos is one, forget the other two.)

You can't rid the human race of predjudice. It simply cannot be done, because once a culture knows something, they never forget it. We can shrink it and isolate it, but I believe it can never be compleatly iradicated.

I'm with you other Christians here. I dislike going to chruch and youth group because it is very fundamental. (Seriously. They teach sexism. There is something Not Right.)

We, however, can stop the violence. I think someone really needs to get a Hate Crime Task Force installed in smaller cities as well as larger ones, and fund the unit.

I totally agree with you there. Can we rid the idea of homophobia, no, but we can definatley rid the violence that goes along with it.
you're right about predjudice never going away. its sad, but it's the truth. i'm just hoping the human race will rise above it for once.
I don't think that it can ever really be stopped. I wish it could, I hate it just as much as anyone else, really. But I think that it's just one of those things that has always been around and will always exist. Just like sexism. Maybe it's mostly gone but there are still a lot of sexist people.
Ha, sorry, I hadn't seen the other comments saying basically the same thing.
thats cool, you're totally allowed to echo your own feelings!


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