Um, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I'm really confused about my sexuality...but at the same time part of me is confused as to why I'm confused because I kinda know I'm gay, I just won't really admit it to myself...I could kinda just use someone to talk to about it whose gone through or is going through it :)

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The best advice I could give is to figure out why you're afraid to admit it? Is it At the end of the day there is beauty in everyone, allow yourself to see it, accept that you see it and embrace it. People will love you and you will love them just the same. 

That's kinda why I'm confused..I have no idea what I'm afraid of. My parents would be fine with it, my dad's aunt is gay, and my parents shared a house with a lesbian couple when they were dating. My friends wouldn't have any problems with it and I'm not religious. I guess I'm just scared because admitting it would make it more real...I'm more okay withme being gay now than I was a year ago, but I'm still scared :/

Also, I don't want to say that you aren't gay, but don't let it be because someone else has told you you are. I had friends through middle school and high school who told me I was gay, and I had a hard time for a while because I believed they had to be right (even though I'm really very straight with very little curiosity). And don't assume that you have to be one or the other. Sexuality is pretty fluid. You could easily like both guys and girls, or be very attracted to one and be attracted to one without really ever meeting anyone who you want to date. I would say don't try to put boundaries on your sexuality. Just figure out who you're attracted to and come to some logical AND emotional conclusions based on those attractions. :)

I've never liked a guy....Even as a little kid I remember running around on the playground holding hands with my best friend making plans to get married. I'm pretty sure we asked a few teachers if girl could marry another girl...

Ok, then, there's your answer :) I am just making sure because I would hate for anyone to go through what I went through, hope I didn't hurt your feelings or anything.

Also, in that case it seems like you are less confused by your sexuality than what to do with it, although that may be an oversimplification. 

Yea, I guess it's not really my sexuality I'm confused about. I just kinda feel like I'm to young to come out now, but I also feel like I have to tell SOMEONE.

Even though it is, sexuality should not be defined with specific terms such as "gay" or "straight."  It is the gray space between black and white.  Constantly changing and adapting.  Being confused is normal, just don't let this confusing distract you too much because it is mostly unimportant.  Evaluate attraction based on individual people not by stereotyping a gender as a whole.  

Thanks :)

Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I was confused about my sexuality from the ages 11 to 16. 

I should probably mention that I'm 16.

My best advice is: don't try and label yourself. That was my problem throughout middle and high school. I kept going "oh, well I'm bisexual. No, hold on, I'm pansexual. But wait, maybe I'm a lesbian." It was all quite confusing. 

If you find a girl that you like, then good for you. Accept it. If you happen to find a guy that you like, well, that's good too. Don't try to force yourself into a category like "straight" or "gay," especially if you're only 15. You have your entire life to figure out who you are. You don't need to rush. 

If you need to talk about anything, though, feel free to message me.

Thanks :) I kinda was like "oh, of course I'm straight..oh wait, I think I'm bi.....oh, I guess I might be gay" and just kept going back and forth so I know exactly what you mean :)

I'm in a similar boat i've been saying i'm bi but now i'm think about how the only men i've ever liked are fictional or David Tennant. so i think i'm actually lesbian because i fall for the fictional character's personalities, and we'll David Tennant is a time lord so i'm attracted to human females and time lords in general

i'm 15 too

Haha the scale my friends use to rate guys is 0 to David Tennant :)


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