if you aren't gay/bi who would you make an exception for....? (if you are, who do you especially have a soft spot for?)

I think my all time one, is Alice from the L word, I mean, Leisha Hailey is GREAT don't get me wrong, but Alice? She's just so chirpy and a bit obsessive that's just a cute obsessive.
Just on looks, I'm a Peaches Geldof & Daisy Lowe fan.
What about you guys??

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I don't understand why it's a weird thing, there's just no male that I know of who I find attractive. I told my girlfriend this, and she refused to believe me, but I just don't.

Does Angel from RENT count? 

Karen Gillan, fo' sho. 

Probably Emma Watson and Helena Bonham Carter, as well. Is that weird since she's like 40 something? Maybe Ellen Page as well.

Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, and Lauren Lopez as Malfoy.

Totally :)

A couple of girls whose name I won't mention because I'm terrified they might find this and be creeped out :S

Katherine Moennig and Milla Jovovich have been my soft spots for a looooooong while!

I find gay people's exceptions to be very interesting too.

Well, as a gay girl, I would definitely go straight for David Bowie :D

As a straight female, I'd definitely go for Shirley Manson, Yulia Volkova (especially around 2002/2003), and Jenna Marbles :P

straight but i'd go gay for ewan mcgregor or chris kluwe.

Megan Fox

Kat Von D

Katy Perry

Victoria Von Violence

Dita Von Teese

Hayley Williams

The End :)


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