if you aren't gay/bi who would you make an exception for....? (if you are, who do you especially have a soft spot for?)

I think my all time one, is Alice from the L word, I mean, Leisha Hailey is GREAT don't get me wrong, but Alice? She's just so chirpy and a bit obsessive that's just a cute obsessive.
Just on looks, I'm a Peaches Geldof & Daisy Lowe fan.
What about you guys??

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If I wasn't gay I'd turn for Michelle Trachenberg, but since I am I'd turn for Alex Day or Liam Driden (spelling??)

Leo DiCaprio. Young or current. He's so awesome.

Straight, but probably Karen Gillian ()or maybe just Amy Pond), and Meekakitty. Meekakitty is amazing! She indirectly helped me become a Nerdfighter!


If I was lesbian, David Tenant, John Barrowman, anyone in Chameleon Circuit, and Darren Criss. Ohmygod Darren Criss <3

Emma Watson. I could go bi or lesbian for her; she's just so darn pretty and she's not one of those "over-dramatic" types either because she's not in all the gossip, which is great.

I'd also maybe go bi for my good friend Brit, who IS bi, but that's kind of a big maybe because she's.  . .. . difficult. Awesome but difficult.

But If I was lesbian or bi already, I KNOW i'd go straight for Darren Criss <3 Damien, Johnny Depp (what can I say) and Tom Felton.

Tom Milsom no doubt.  

being attracted to him is making me wonder about my sexuality, really.  I mean I'm way more attracted to women, but I'd rather be bisexual, because there are more options, etc.

It's awkward for me.. I'd say I'm straight as an arrow, but I did have this fling with this guy once.. When I was talking to him, something about how well he understood me and what I do; I felt like he really listened and really cared. We'd talk on the phone for hours and text and hang out, watch movies, all that stuff.. I got scared because I wasn't sure if it was wrong or not.. So I stopped messaging him and told him I can't do this anymore... Now I've got a girlfriend, we've been dating for 4 months, but I just feel like she's missing something.. She doesn't seem to care like he did... I would give anything if that were to change or if I had a second chance..

In terms of support, you should always go for someone who makes you feel special.  Don't worry about what label you might fit into, if they are special, then they are special. 

I have a major girl crush on Rachel Maddow. She's just so smart and I really respect her as a journalist. Also, I'm a bit into politics especially now that I have moved away from home. The Rachel Maddow Show is how I keep up to date with what is going on back in the states ^___^

Ooh, I definitely agree. :)

(I'd have to go with Tay Jardine and Ellen Page for mine, as well.)

I'm going to say who I'd go straight for.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

That is all. 

I'd totally go straight for Bridget Marquardt (one of Hugh Hefner's original Girls Next Door).

I mean, she looks amazing, was a contestant on The Search for the Next Elvira (I'm a horror geek, especially bad horror and I grew up in the Valley watching Movie Macabre on Channel 9 when it was KHJ, not KCAL), and she had a Murder Mystery Dinner for her birthday party (I love these, and Agatha Christie, not to mention that I was almost cast in one, but I had an AP test the day after the performance).


I don't understand why it's a weird thing, there's just no male that I know of who I find attractive. I told my girlfriend this, and she refused to believe me, but I just don't.


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