I'm just curious about the sexuality of the people who have joined this group.
Are you straight, gay or what ever else?

Also, is there anyone who finds it difficult to fit into a category?

I know I do.
I'm a guy. I don't disciminate (or at least as little as possible within our society) between girls and guys clothes, I'll wear either. I'm far more sexually attracted to females than males. I am attracted to males but not really in a sexual way. And I think I'd rather be a girl than guy.
Quite a long winded thing to say when I'm asked about my sexuality so I usually just say that I'm bi.

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I'm pretty straight. I'm a girl, I like guys, but I also think that girls can be/are really attractive/hot, so we'll see what becomes of that.
That's pretty much like me.
Same here. I'm a heterosexual girl, but I still find some girls cute/hot.

Same here! I dont like labels, but I would probably call myself heteroflexible.

I like that.

Sounds a little like you might be heteroflexible? Let's wait and see!

Pretty much same. In my opinion, I'll just like whomever I'll like, and that's okay. Labels and categories can get so messy and non-specific.

I'm bi. Strongly attracted to both male and female.
Straight, like men and just have no physical attraction to women. I can easily see how hot/cute/sexy women are, but it doesn't matter how open I am my body is like "Nah, it lacks certain 'parts' to be pleasing to me."
I think part of it is that I like broad shoulders and women aren't normally known for that... Makes me wonder lol.
Anyway as far as catagory I'm pretty tomboyish, hung out with all the guys and that stuff. When I go on rides people are like "You scream like a girl.." My usual reply is that I AM...See the boobs???
So yea thats my catagory, I guess. Tomboyish straight gal.
LOL! You basically wrote my description for me xD I had someone ask if I was a girl yesterday and I was like, "Well I still have boobs, so I'm guessing yes."

I'm straight as well. I couldn't be physically attacted to any ladies unless I was a dude xD I think Dita Von Teese is trying to change my mind though LOL She's so pretty D: Not fair! But I think I rather be her than be with her. And I've always been a tomboy up until recently...but the short hair is not helping with the girliness.

And I don't really think of it so much as being in a category but just...well maybe it is hard being in a category >_< ehh. I don't think we can really just sort ourselves into little categories and that be it. There's a lot more to people than just liking a certain person or thing.
Hate me if you will, but I'm a firm believer that people fall in love with a person, not a gender
Yeah I kind of agree with that. Although isn't that what friends are? People you love but not related to their gender.


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