roller skates

uni cycle

old movies

cartoons (the goods like pokemon and pinky and the brain)

fast typing

calculatin how fast a UFO takes to land


cool shoes

cool shirts (sponge bob ones etc)

music .. instruments .. ukeles etc etc

the word etc




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According to my friend, NERD actually stands for national espionage reconnaissance and defence. Which sounds pretty darn cool. 'Coz then I can go up to people and go "Hi. I'm a NERD" and then they'll get all confused and I get to explain it to them.

NERD stands for Needed Erands Run Digitally or Nice Extreme Rock'in Dude or as some others have said National Espionage Reconnaissance and Defence

My definition of nerd is someone make of pure atoms of a new element called Awesome 

Hmm i dont really agree with you on this, sorry. Id go with the green's and say that a nerd is someone happy and proud to do their own thing, do what they enjoy, and be interested in the world we live in, whether thats history, science, tech, or whatever. To be interested in the more obscure and intelligent areas of media and culture. Stuff like that. 

nerd, someone willing to say their super into things that may not make them the most popular person in the school, but that are still awesome

By that definition, I've been a nerd since I was three :) Life long nerdfighter.

honestly, i prefer the term intellectual badass but thats just me

That's what you tell people who just don't accept nerds as regular people. lol.

How about Nerd (n.): The type of person that is concerned with the definition of "nerd".

love it

Yes :)

hi guys! i was just wondering what does android mean? i mean not the robots or  gadgets but does it really equate to nerd? cause in my community the nerd as a label is infrequently used, we oftentimes term is as android but im not so sure if its a synonym or if it comes close. any thoughts on this? anybody else been called android or you name called someone that? 


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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