So this group, in about two weeks has accumulated 69 (hehe) members.


Obviously the Guide can't be 1,000,000,000,034 pages long, so we will need to at some point place a cap on the people who can participate. When do you think the time will be to do so? Tomorrow I plan on posting a survey for the current members to fill out so we can tally the votes and make the biggest decisions. Maybe I should close the membership to the group when I post that? We could always open it up later if we need to find people for certain tasks.

What do you guys think?

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I think all people should be welcome to it; as the wiki ning master I was about to set up a new section of the wiki just for this guide. I strongly feel that we should all just contribute to the book on the whole rather than having individual articles written by different people as that may leave the text inconsistant.
Good idea. A wiki section for this would be awesome, and would probably help a lot too. Kudos to you.
BAH! Right now it appears the wiki isn't working 100% I'm working on getting it fixed but I have no ETA of when it'll be ready. Sorry guys.
ok. i'm confused.

do you mean we'll be the only people making contributions to the book? 'cause i thought the club was just a collection of people to compile and edit and write things like introductions to sections and stuff, as well as submit any stories and pictures we could come up with as well.

i didn't think club members were gonna be the only people contributing content...

i can see capping the club members # if we're in the too many chefs spoil the soup (or whatever the saying is) school of thought, but as far as contributing material, i think we should accept everything and everyone! pick the cream of the crop, ya know?
I think closing off the group is a good idea for administrative purposes. I also think that a wiki would be a great idea as far as the content of the book is concerned as Fedora.Pirate said. But I definitely think there needs to be a cap put on soon for everything else.
Okay, here's an issue. xD I just realized I can't close the group.
when you want to close the group, you could just create a new (closed) group, invite us all to that, and tell everyone not to use this one. Then it will fall into disuse ^_^
On one hand, we probably wouldn't gain back all seventy members. On the other hand... the ones who check here enough to see the new group would be the ones most likely to help out with the Guide anyway.

Maybe later on in the process we can create a separate closed group. and use that to organize separate committees, like an approval committee for submissions, an editing committee, a layout committee, an artwork committee, etc.
omgomgomg committees!! omg editing <3 !ack! so excited! haha. ok just checking the boards. must get back to homework :P
haha! :)
that's ok. i'm pretty sure we all can see who's interested in doing the compiling and stuff for the Guide. we'll just figure out a way to talk amongst ourselves. it's the infinite internet. we'll come up with something!


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