Fun Facts:
1: Abraham Lincoln survived the bullet shot in the head from John Wilkes Booth, it went through his right ear and lodged into his left eye, he went unconscious, later that day, he died.
2: My theory of space; is that space is actually a 4th dimension, in which we are in a giant, large, unspeakably big sphere, and so, if you reach what you believe to be the end of space, you actually go back to the top eventually, like going from the South Pole to the North Pole.
3: My theory of a black hole; a black hole is capable of sucking light, which is faster than sound, around light years fast. Therefore, if a human was to go into a black hole, one out of two things might happen - unknown due to the vast possibilities, narrowing it down to the best choices - a) you disintegrate before you even get to the black hole. b) you travel to another 4th dimension, far, far, away from the black hole. A different galaxy.

4: Please, PLEASE give me credit for finding this, I found this MYSELF while being bored and using a unit converter then recording data (data I have, if you want proof) Feets in Miles, no decimals included for the Mile, looking only at the Feet, excluding the numbers after the coma, never match up with Kilometers in their spot. For example, 1 Mile = 5,280 Feet. There are no Kilometers which have a "5" in it. Again, 2 Miles = 10,560 Feet. Between 6 and 7 Miles would be the closest to 10km. But, yet again, no 10. The pattern continues forever. This stays true when you attempt a natural number Miles, Feet, and Kilometers. As known, 5 Miles = 26,400 Feet. Which, still no Kilometers around, if you do 26,400 for Kilometers, you get a number in Miles which is not a natural number. Round it up, to 16404. It's close, but is not 26,400. It is 26,399.678975. Rounded, it would be. But, to be exact, it is not. This pattern continues also.

5: Circular Breathing where you can breathe while playing an instrument or doing a "supernote" and you breathe through your nose, my neighbor, Micheal, can do it, and very FEW, only about a handful of people can do it, and most don't even know they can. Micheal could do the "supernote" forever.



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1. I think I heard that somewhere else, too.

2. Become a physicist and try to sind out.

3. I thought the common opinion that a black hole was an enormous ball of compressed matter? I need to know more about black holes, could you link me to a site?

4. Sorry, hon, all that math went straight over my head.

5. THAT IS SO COOL! Tell Micheal I'm jealous!





I'm sorry to be a buzz kill but both your definitions for black holes and space are lacking/kind of detached from scientific points of view.

a. the idea that a black hole is a portal is not tested it is in fact a very sci-fi twist to a hypothesis that sort of mocks itself. they are a decompression/super-compression of matter (not the best phrasing, pardon my English) and the reason for light being capture (with no significance of light years- which is a unit of distance not speed, the speed of light is a physical constant.) is that the gravitation of the "matter" in the black hole (originated in the actual point of singularity which is the actual black hole with space being curved around it) produces a field with an escape velocity greater than the speed of light, which means there is no escape possible (in actual science, today).

b. space- depending on your take on the big bang and whether space is the expanding point of singularity or just something that is, with the matter from the point expanding in it. There is no reason to think that it is a 3 dimensional image of a 4 dimensional sphere/ball it very well be except that it makes no sense for it to be that. if you choose for instance the 4th dimension to be time, then you get the definition of space-time which is easily explained through my first choice for the big bang theory.


anyone feel free to correct me if I'm  wrong, I'm sorry to chew your ear off, it's just that I dislike the opinion you put out, it is however really really cool that you thought for yourself and created your own opinion, I'd just suggest you maybe research the field some more so it makes sense...


Yeah, the math is confusing -- WHICH REMINDS ME, Now I need to find out Feet to Millimeters... or something. I need to remember it, first, because I know it had something to do with "milli" too bad the U.S. Refuses to teach the SI System.

- about 10% of the matter underneath your fingernails is fecal matter.

- the cake is not actually a lie.

-TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space

-In Greek Mythology the God Zeus gave birth to Athena from him forehead

-The colour black absorbs all light and the colour white absorbs none

-Coca Cola is green until they add the food dye

-In the average life time person will walk the equivelent of 5 times round the equator

-A neanderthals brain was bigger than your is!  


Augh, circular breathing is awesome! Does he play an instrument?
Explain the political situation in Nepal ( maybe include toilet paper).

This is annoying. Normally, I can come up with TONS of completely usless facts, but when asked, I can't remember any. Darn. Errm.

1.A male earwig has two penises, in case one gets snapped off.

2. According to the english television series QI, the unluckiest day isn't friday the 13th, but monday the 27th. So the movie should have been called monday the 27th, but that doesn't sound quite so scary.

3. When you die, your hair DOESN'T GROW (contrary to popular belief), you skin shrinks due to lack of wter, making it appear as though your hair and fingernails are still growing.

4. There is a song called "golden brown" (or something like that, I can only remember that the lines are pretty much "Golden brown, texture like sun.") which is INCREDIBLY fun to sing whenever you hear someone talk about Gordon Brown, the former British prime-minister.

- Don't write out Graham's Number. If you tried to write it out, your head would actually turn into a black hole. The amount of entropy that is in a black hole the size of your head is less than the amount of entropy needed to picture and write down Graham's Number.

- The Trombone was originally named the Sackbut.

- The Dvorak keyboard was named after the man who invented it, August Dvorak, not the order of the first 6 keys, which are ' , . p y f.

- It is improper grammar to use counting numbers (As a numeral) less than 10 in a sentence, like in the previous statement. The exception is if you have other numbers in that sentence that are greater than nine, then they can all be numerals.

- Mozart asked Marie Antoinette to marry him when they were both six (She wasn't known as Marie Antoinette at the time).

- The Star Spangled Banner is set to the tune of a British drinking song, "To Anacreon in Heaven".

- Einstein was born on Pi Day.

- There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000  possible permutations for a standard Rubik's Cube. That's about 100 times the age of the universe. In seconds.

- It takes 23 hours and 56 minutes for the earth to make one rotation, the change in position in the earth's orbit accounts for the last 4 minutes.

- The English horn was made in France. The French horn was made in Germany.

The Make A Wish Foundation is third only to Nerdfighteria and St. Jude's Children's Hospital in decreasing world suck.


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