Simple question: Who is your favorite Dumbledore, Richard Harris (God rest his soul) or Michael Gambon?
I know there are people on both sides of the fence...

On a side note, when I read the books, I hear Harris' voice in my head when Dumbledore is placid and eccentric, and Gambon's voice when he is threatening. Has anyone else felt similar effects?

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Harris all the way. Gambon is good and all that but Harris was the original. I know being the first at something doesn't automatically make you the best, but Harris's Dumbledore just has always seemed closer to the Dumbledore I see and hear in my head whe I read the books. In the movies he always seemed so warm and charming. Gambon does aswell, but he's jus not the same.
definitely Richard Harris (RIP).

He was exactly like the picture on the back of the first book (UK). He said so himself.

I hated Gambon in GoF. i know it was made to act like that by the script and d director, yet why the hell will Dumbledore threaten and scruff Harry by his collar when his name comes out of the goblet of fire!!! That scene still makes me so furious.
I second that
I loved Harris, he embodied Dumbledore hands down. Having said that, however, like doctor who, both the Dumbledores are different and more what I expected from them just in their own ways, I cannot pick my favorite. Gambon Is a brilliant actor, and Harris was perfect for the role, he looked it he very much was Dumbledore, but so is Gambon.
Definitely Harris. Gambon plays a harsh Dumbledore. Harris acted like the Dumbledore from the books, which is what I like best. I hate deviation from the books. One scene that comes to mind about this is when Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of fire. Dumbledore rushes into that back room and nearly strangles Harry while yelling at him, accusing him of getting his name into the Goblet. Harris wouldn't have done that because that's not how Dumbledore is supposed to act.
Richard Harris played Dumbledore as I saw him while reading. I don't know who Gambon is playing, but it isn't Dumbledore.
Richard Harris. Gambon is just to agressive. Dumbledore should be more fatherly and nice

I enjoyed Harris's portrayal much more. He always seemed wiser than Gambon to me. He had the knowing twinkle in his eye, and he always seemed in control. When he walked into the room, he had an aura about him. Gambon seemed too angry, not as eccentric.


Gambon...Maybe I'm not giving him enough of a chance, because to me, Harris was Dumbledore. Once someone has begun a role, I think it's near impossible for anyone to replace them.

I think that they both bring different things to the table, good and bad.

But Harris is now and always will be my Dumbledore. He is what I think of when I picture Dumbledore. He is kind, calm, old but still chipper, and let's face it, he just looked like Dumbledore.

Definitely Richard Harris. He just does a better job at portraying Dumbledore, not to mention he looks more like him in my opinion. Gambon is always so serious and mean, he doesn't have the lighter, odder side of Dumbledore. I could never see him saying "nitwit," "oddment," "blubber," or "tweak." You know the name Dumbledore means bumblebee, because Jo could picture him wandering around the castle humming to himself? Gambon couldn't pull that off. And he's so short lol. Btw, if you haven't heard Harris's "MacArthur Park" you should listen to it. When I was little my dad would always play it but the only lyrics I heard were, "Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to bake it, And I'll never have that recipe again," in this really dramatic way so I sort of dismissed it as my dad's ridiculous music lol.

Harris. I wish he didn't get sick and die because he was such a great Dubledore.


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