I consider myself a ravenclaw, and it seems that a lot of nerdfighters would fit there.

But what about YOU?

Post your house!

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Yes! Another Slytherin Nerdfighter! Slytherin pride! :D

And another! (MEEEEE)



Those sorting tests either put me in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.
Yes! I'm not the only one! Although, I take up with Ravenclaw because I like blue better than yellow. :P
Yup Ravenpuff for me too... for all of the above reasons.

But if I was being serious than Hufflepuff fits best.
Same here. I would love to be a ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff fits better.
I think I'm in Ravenpuff too. This testing system I tried out put me in Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuf actually had the same amount of "points", or whatever. Ravenclaw was my favourite house for quite a while, but then I started seeing a lot of my personality fit not only with that house, but with Hufflepuff too... Okay, long story short, I'm Ravenpuff, and I think way too mcuh about stuff like this!!
Join the club..about the I think about this too much thingy.
Don't we all? I'm a Slytherclaw. We get Draco and Luna. HaHA! Beat that!


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