I consider myself a ravenclaw, and it seems that a lot of nerdfighters would fit there.

But what about YOU?

Post your house!

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I, as a Ravenpuff, ague that we get both Luna, an awesome name, and all the joys of being both loyal, friendly, and clever.
Slytherclaw represent!
Ravenpuff, Luna and Tonks!!!

is a pretty nerdy tendancy.

As they did with me.
Same :)

Me too! Although Ravenclaw always manages to lure me in since it seems cooler but I value kindness a lot too (As much as cleverness, I guess.) . So I'm a Ravenpuff! :D

YAY same, though I do get Ravenclaw a lot more so I consider myself a Ravenclaw.
I am a Ravenpuff too! :D
Ravenpuff ftw! :D
Yes! Except I'm a Huffleclaw. I did an entire testing system, and I was mostly Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw was really close though.
Thats the name of my group in Chemistry.
I'm Ravenclaw and my partner is Hufflepuf


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