And if so what band?

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That would be awesome! I'd love to hear it.

It is a short one but I  love it! Gred and Forge "Neville, Neville"

Aahhh yes it's awesome! Thanks a bunch

You're welcome ;)

Ministry of Magic's Longbottom Legacy, but thats the only one I know of!

Oh yesh it is a fantastic song. I'm listening to it right now. Thanks for your help! 

I've always thought that "Lovegood" by the Ministry of Magic might be Neville singing about Luna but I could be off my rocker!

"Basically the Man" by the Butterbeer Experience

There is 'Neville' by MC Chris, too. It's not a wrock song, but it's good.

On Behalf of Neville by the Whomping Willows


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