Did Pottermore sort anyone into the wrong house, and as hard as they try to identify with that house, it just isn't them?

I've noticed that its hard to get sympathy for those who think they were sorted into the wrong house, so here is a place for those to tell us why they think the sorting hat got it wrong. 

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I haven't made an account before and I can't find any sort of 'sign up' button. How do you make an account?

You can't really make an account now, if you hadn't got into Beta version. You'll have to wait =/

:-(... I had a wand (from harry potter land at universal studios) once but I gave it to my girlfriend and she was really happy then we broke up (sad face again in random recollection)

I got to Hufflepuff and in the beginning I was kinda disappointed, but then I remember it was Jo who made that sorting quiz and so, it can't be wrong :)

I was sorted into Hufflepuff and I'm really happy about it. I don't know, it just seems right.

I was sorted to Ravenclaw. While I wish I could say Griffindor, it's probably the most accurate. Though, as a Marine I'm sure I could have been sorted into either, I'm not nearly as adventurous as the Griffindor's appear to be. So overall, I'm happy with it. It would be interesting to know how a person is sorted.

I wonder, for people who disagree with their sorting, have you sat down to consider whether it actually is accurate and you haven't seen your whole self clearly? This is in no way a criticism. We all hold misconceptions about ourselves, so perhaps this is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. :-)

Does anyone know when we'll be able to sign up? I can't wait!

Unfortunately there's no update yet. I'm waiting too because they only let beta testers go through the first book. But there's a lot to test. I'm confident they're working hard. 

Yeah, thats how I feel. I was sorted into Slytherin, and while I'm ambitious, and cunning (as cunning is basically creative thinking), I think the more dominant aspect of me is Ravenclaw. 

I agree. :-)

That's really interesting. Why? 

I made two accounts by accident. (because I wanted to screen cap my name saying I'm magical.) I'm a Gryffindor first, then Hufflepuff. I always went between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, so I'm in a House Crisis. I'm going to Universal soon, so I need to pick what colour of stuff I want to buy!!


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