Hi, I know that this question was probably asked before, but I would like to know what you think your patronus would be...


Mine would probably be a frog (I don't know why). Although I would like it to be a puppy-sized elephant.


So tell me what would come out of your wand when you think of something powerful and happy, and shout out EXPECTO PATRONUM!

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Mine would probably be a puppy.
I think that it really fits my personality.
I love to be happy and cheerful and I just have a love for life and discovery; but don't cross don't to make me too mad.
I dunno. I always have an idea of what I want, and then I always get something off-the-wall and unexpected.

So, probably something like a gecko.

A giant one.

A lion. A really fluffy one. I guess that's what my friends say I'd be if I were an animal? Mostly because I have fluffy hair.

In all honesty, though, I think it'd probably be a wolf or some such creature. I'm fiercely loyal and would do anything for my loved ones.
Would it be a talking lion perhaps? Named Rumbleroar?
Mine would definitely be a hawk. I grew up out in the country in West Texas and some of my earliest memories are of watching them fly. I love how smooth and powerful they are. I even got a tattoo of one!
Mine would be a big sort of animal. I think it would be a humpback whale (although I love them all). I've always loved whales because of their size and the way they move. I walk slower than most of my friends because I don't enjoy being in a hurry. I always make sure i leave very early so that I can stroll my way to any destination. I like the thought of whale moving steadily through the cool water.

I can just imagine yelling EXPECTO PATRONUM and the room/area is suddenly filled to the max with a huge silvery whale. So big and protecting but calm and observant.
How about a Blue Whale? The largest creature on the planet
Hmm that's very true. I forgot about the Blue Whale. I think you're probably right but either way I like them both and I think either would be my patronus.
Mine would be a bunny rabbit. Around strangers I'm extremely shy to the point where I can't even talk, I just stare, but catch me around my friends and I'm the most spastic person you have ever met. Plus, I was born on Easter Sunday, which means I have a lot of bunny stuffed animals... Lol, imagine the Easter bunny coming out of my wand and throwing eggs at all the dementors.
I just realized that it's cool to see Harry's stag patronus charge at a bunch of dementors. But it would be pretty funny to see a bunny attack those dementors
For real! Monty Python style "Run away! Run away!"


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