Hello everyone,

I'm surprised there wasn't already a discussion on this so...:

If you have any fan fiction recommendations please post them here OR if you write fan fiction feel free to link here also.

Please put a brief description to include pairings, rating (if it's NC-17 or something PLEASE SAY SO), genre, one-shot/chaptered fic, etc.


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Here's a link to the top ten Draco/Ginny stories on the Fire and Ice Archive.
Ratings are given to each story, mostly romance, enjoy!
Hello, I should mention that I meant this to be specifically Harry Potter (sorry!), otherwise yes, I would go to Fanfiction Nerdfighters.

Thanks for the Draco/Ginny link, I haven't read much Draco/Ginny but I'll check it out.

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. It's about Nicholas Flamel. I just got my copy at Barnes and Noble. Though now I have to go out and get the sequel, The Magician. At first it is a bit slow, but once you get to the part they meet Scatty, it's interesting. ~:)

Nicholas Flamel... I guessing. He's the guy with the philisopher stone, who lives 'forever'... until they break the stone.


I think I'll read that one too, sounds good. After I re-re-re-read the real Harry Potter's...  :D

I've read them, and they're really great. All hough Nicholas Flamel is more like some sort of guide to a pair of twins with a special faith :)

that's not a fan fction

love this series!

I'm gonna go ahead and pimp my own fics- they aren't all Harry Potter though :P
and I am in love with this Harry/Draco fic:
If I find any more I may come back and tell y'all :D
I'm currently writing a Harry Potter/Star Wars crossover-fic, but I don't want to spill any beans before I start uploading. :)

Just wanted to mention, Shoebox Project. If you have not read it, GO! NOW!
Here it is in PDF:
Yessss!! I love the Shoebox Project! Even though I write Remus/Tonks.
Tonks/Lupin writers unite! Wrote about them for years <3

Harry Potter/Star Wars crossover-fic?


Link it when you upload it, please?


Youtube Links!

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*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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