I just finished the last book read it in a day I’m not sure how to feel. The thing that’s hardest for me to get over is Fred’s death. So how did you feel when you finished the series and what could you change if you could have things go another way? For me the only thing I would change is Fred’s death I just can’t see George without Fred.

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I would have given Tonks and Lupin a proper death, rather than a passing comment!
I completely agree with this. I thought their death did not do them justice. They, particularly Lupin, were such important people in Harry's life, and for them to have, as you say, a passing commment about how they looked like they were sleeping was seriously disappointing.
Also, Hedwig's death was just mean and unnecessary, even if it was a symbol, because I am fairly sure there was enough innocence lost in other parts of the series.
And I agree with the thing about Fred; I can't imagine George without Fred. It was so sad.
I'm not sure if I'd change anything really.

The hardest deaths for me were Hedwig, Remus, and Tonks. Hedwig because she was only an owl, so I never saw it coming. Remus and Tonks because they'd just had a kid, but I don't know if I would have changed anything.
I read in an interview J.K. Rowling did that Hedwig's death was necessary because it symbolized the death of innocence. Very sad prospect, yes, but, I agree, necessary.
Yeah, I've heard that too. That's why I said I probably wouldn't have changed it. It just came as a shock to me when it happened.
I don't like the epilogue, I feel like after the final fight their lives didn't suddenly become normal. I can't help but think that there were more adventures in between Voldemort dying and the happily ever after... or at least an adventure after the epilogue.
Aw! I know, it's hard to get over the sudden-ness of the end of this wonderful series. Fred's death was horrible, I feel so sad when I think about George trying to live a normal life without his other half. Another death that really resonated with me was Dobby's. Think about it. Dobby was there for Harry every step of the way. In Chamber of Secrets, he was just trying to help keep Harry safe from Tom Riddle. In Goblet of Fire, he found the Gillyweed and gave it to Harry so that Harry could "find his Wheezy!" And in Deathly Hallows, he was the one who saved Harry and everyone else from Malfoy's Manor. All of that and Bellatrix kills him just like that? I also hate that Snape, who had done so much for the light side, died without any recognition. But one thing I have to give J.K. credit for is how well she treated all the character's deaths in the series (if she chose to go into detail, unlike Remus' and Tonks'). I also wish that Teddy had gotten to meet his parents. He turned out to be so much like Harry that it makes me sad, loosing his parents to Voldemort before he even got to know them. But Harry will be a good godfather to him, so understanding of Teddy's situation.
I didn't like the majority of the deaths, but enjoying the death of a character that you've grown to know and love would kind of make me a terrible person anyway. The deaths were sad and tragical, but very necessary. I wouldn't change a thing.
Tonks and Lupin and the epilogue. Tonks and Lupin really do need a proper death. I want a book eight.
um... well I cried when Fred died... I cried when Hedwig died, I cried when Tonks and Lupin were in the body count.... I want to know who Teddy lived with after the war... Harry, his godfather, or Ted and Dora, his grandparents. If I could have changed one thing it would be that Hedwig went to one of the younger ones but other than that I'm pretty okay with the ending.... but that's just me. I kind of wish she'd gone more in depth as to what they did after.. I mean she did eventually in her site and in her interviews... I also want to know what happened to Kreatcher... he had started to grow on me...
I thought it was really awful how there were so many deaths. I realise death is an important part of life and these books obviously, but it was just shocking to have all these deaths happen so close and so fast. I was shocked by most of the deaths and quite dissapointed as many have mentioned by the way Tonks and Lupin died. I felt that this was not a proper death. I would have at least like for them to have more about what happend. Also, the worst deaths for me were Dobby's death and the Creevey brothers. It was soo sad since they were so young, and i loved Dobby, he was my favorite.


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