Now that we are past LeakyCon09 and we morned its loss(if you didn't get to go)or celebrated its life(if you did get to go), we can begin to plan for the next one. My real questions are, Are you going? Have you started saving? Are you going by yourself? Where are you going to be traveling from?
Considering the fact that I, like so many others were not fortunate enough to be able to attend LeakyCon09 I am determined to go to the one in 2011.

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I'm going to Infinitus 2010, but I'm seriously considering LeakyCon 2011 as well. I'm pretty sure I'd be going by myself, but LeakyCon 2011 is in the same hotel as Infinitus, so I think I'll definitely need roomies. That's pretty much the plan. After I buy my plane ticket for Infinitus I'll be able to start saving for LeakyCon...
I didn't get to go to LeakyCon09 because I didn't find out about it until, like, a month before...
Then, I didn't get to go to The Remus Lupins' Tour because we didn't have enough money...
THEN, I found out about Wrockstock and asked my mom and she said "I'm sorry, but I don't think we'll be able to go..."
So, I went to the LeakyCon11 website and e-mailed my mom with the link (like I always do when it comes to crazy ideas! lol) and... I'm waiting for her to check her e-mail... :\
But I can hope! I REALLY want to goooo!
FINALLY I found out about one that is a few years in advance! Maybe this time we can plan ahead, save up, and actually go!
I knew about it for a bit but I wasn't really interested until they started talking about John and Hank going then I knew that I had to go. My parents however didn't like the idea of me flying across the county by myself/with "Strangers" I was yet to meet IRL, so they didn't let me go. At least I got to see the Remus Lupins/PotterCast when they came though town but it wasn't the same.
Guys we must make our parents see that the Potter community isn't fool of pedophiles and freaks...or at least no more then any other community. So lets raise our glasses and toast to saving enough money and convincing our parents to let us go to LeakyCon 2011.*raises glass*
here here!
To a minimum of 900 dollars! *raises glass*
Well, I was going to go for a minimum of $1200 but hey that should work too*clinks glass*
*raises glass*
Yess, let's do it! It's almost a year away now and I've already saved $450, which makes me pretty excited/optimistic. I also just started my summer job (which sucks but will be worth it!) and plan on working non stop. LC11, here we comee :D
I plan on going to LeakyCon '11 with atleast one of my friends, if not others. :) I can't wait! I also hope to go to the Hogwarts theme park while I'm in Orlando! :D
I live in California, so I need to start saving up ^^
I reallllly want to go.
It will be my last chance to do anything like this pre-college, and I really want to go as a graduation present.
AHHHH!!! I want to go.
Finally one thing to look forward to.

A conglomerate of nerds. Just like me!

I'm so FREAKING excited.

I don't really have many friends who are aware of Nerdfighteria, or WRock or the magnificence of Alex Carpenter.

I hope to see you all there, let's have a butterbeer in Hogsmeade, okay?
I really want to go, but it is the summer after my senior year, and I have to decide if I would rather go to the beach with the rest of my town's high school population to get extremely drunk, or go and talk about harry potter.

When I put it that way, the choice seems easy.


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