Anybody know any really good songs about lily/severus? Preferably when they were kids and still good friends. I can't seem to find anything like that, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

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OMG Lauren Fairweathers new album The princes tale that's exactly what it's about and it's amazing!

Lauren Fairweather's the Prince's Tale is all about the Chapter of the same title from Deathly Hallows.

This is the youtube video for the song "Maybe"


This is the Youtube Video for the song "Mudblood"


You can Stream the whole album for free here:


At the end of summer Physical copies will be available here:


Hope that helps you out.



wizard love by meekakitty and heyhihello

not really about the two of them specifically but it's relevant :D

The best I can think of besides Lauren's The Prince's Tale in terms of your request is probably The Mudbloods' "A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love".  MOM's "Lily" and The Butterbeer Experience's "For You"are also about Lily/Snape, but later in his life.

Thanks so much, these are great!

Look at me, RiddleTM, it's a really good song, more about Lily finding out Snape loved her, but still Lily/Snape, and Lily by MoM. That's all I know....Oh, and I agree with Charlotte Smith about Wizard Love, it works with a bit of imagination.

And It's Real for Us by Split Seven Ways, I forgot about that one.

You want The Prince's Tale by Lauren Fairweather.

"Lily" by MoM or "Wizard Love" by meekakitty and heyhihello. "Lily" I think is more about Lily and James, but it doesn't actually mention any names other than the title. "Wizard Love" isn't about the two of them specifically, but it is about a redhed Gryffindor girl and a dark-haired Slytherin boy, so it definitely works for Lily and Severus. Also, "Snape vs. Snape" by MoM, but that song is more focused on Snape himself.
Snape vs. Snape by MoM, I think

10,000 points to The Prince's Tale by The Butterbeer Experience! (Also known as Lena Gabrielle)

I really love Christian Calderia's vocals on this, too. His singing as Snape made me tear up a little the first time I heard it.

There is a song called Lily by Ministry of Magic that is specifically about Lily and Snape


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