I was just wondering how many nerdfighters write fanfiction, wanted to read some of theirs, and hoped that others would read mine. Mine's called Dumbledore's Army and it centers around an original character of mine who is sorted in Slytherin and is in the same year as both James Potter (Harry's son) as well as Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, who are twins in this book. Here's a link:

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I write fanfiction too. :D

Here's my fanfiction:

I've written for Harry Potter, Sgt. Frog, Bones, and A:TLA. :)

This is my fanfiction account-- . It's used mainly for my Cause of Death tumblr, I'm in charge of the fanfics, and I have only one story up that I've started writing with my best friend. 

 Mine aren't very good and they're very short but here they are

I love writing fanfiction, although I am finding less and less time to do it. 

This is my fanfiction account: I've only written a short one shot and it was when I was 14 (I'm almost 22 now) so it's a bit cringey, but feel free to give it a read. I'll check yours out, I haven't read any fanfiction in years but I've had the urge to start reading it again recently, so this seems like a good place to start :)

I'm writing my first one how I'm SerenityWaywards on there. It won't be on for about a week through. Check out turnips and radishes. Chasing the sun. Isolation. (there all brilliant) all love pairings through but there funny and not all romantic until half way. There's a good one going back in time with her hermione and Draco but the author forgot it and it's left midway.... That pisses me off.

I wrote something kind of based off of Harry Potter


I more read fanfiction, I actually just posted my first fanfiction at Tonks4life

I have been writing a post-Hogwarts fanfiction that is about Harry/Luna

I have one that i'm working on. Maybe one of you might like to read it.  


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