If you had an owl what would you name it. I think I'd name mine Alister.

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Hmmm... Probably Hooter or Hooting. Something with Hoot in it~
I would say Hedwig but thats uncreative DX So I would have an owl called Henry - Henry The Owl
My owl would be Nyx, I think.
Ah, I'm horrible at names. But I've always liked the name Abigail (However the "proper" spelling is. I think I'd spell it weird anyway, like, Abygail.) But that's a person's name, so that won't do.
Hmm... Gynx would be a cool owl, I bet. She would be tawny with a smushed face, but very loving... when she wants to be, of course.
Probably Hermes after the Greek god because owls are messengers (at least in Harry Potter they are).
Like Percy's owl! :D

If I was a Mary-Sue (Merlin forbid) and I had an owl that liked ONLY ME and was a devil to everyone else I would name him/her Diablo. Yes, I did think of this during my early teenage years when I was angsty and wanted to be special. -_-

Otherwise, possibly Gwaihir or Thorondor or Landroval or Meneldor because I am a Lord of the Rings fangirl. Yes, I know those are the Eagles, not owls. And they would not appreciate their names being attached to a lowly owl. But still.
I would probably name mine Heidi or Makayla for a girl or Gibbs or Tony for a boy :D
I'd name my owl Siegfried. :)
Hmmmm....If I had an owl...Probably TIC TAC or Rain


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