Some of you maybe aware of the BBC unabridged audio book of the His Dark Materials trilogy, unlike most audio books which has one person telling the whole story, it involves a full cast playing the voices of each character with another person reading the narrative, in this case, Philip Pullman himself. I thought that this treatment would be brilliant for the Harry Potter series. My plan is to get members of this community recording the dialogue, whilst keeping the narrator of the British edition of the audio book (the legend that is Steven Fry). Obviously this wouldn't be intended for sale, just a fun project.

  Would love some opinion of this idea, or if you're interested in getting involved, let me know. To keep with the location of the series, people would want to get involve would need to either be british themselves or be able to do a convincing british accent.

Look forward to your replies


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Glad to hear it, i was worried that something like this had been suggested before, any ideas what part you'd want to play?

Good to hear, as I'm sure you know, you've got a big list of characters to chose from lol

Sounds AWESOME. I'm a bit concerned about copyright and whatnot, but I'd love to participate :)

and of course, I love Hermione (her being the ultimate magical nerdfighter heronie)...but any character would do! 

Yeh copyright defiantly a problem, my "not for profit" clause probably doesn't go far enough really, but until a cease and desist letter comes through my letter box I'm still keen

alright. let me know more information about this when you get to it :)

Id like to be a part of this! I am female, but with a sort of deepish voice, relative to other 16 year old girls. But not, like, man-like deep. Im up for any role you would like to throw at me.

But I have to ask this, how do you plan on doing this? (Not to be pessimistic or rude, Im just very curious.)

To be honest, I hadn't thought a great deal about the logistics. Obviously, it's going to need a large number of people to get involved, if you (and anyone else reading this) can think of any ideas on how to get the message out that would be great. But in terms of the actual recording, I was thinking of getting the cast to record the dialogue themselves on their computers and sending it to me to put it all together. This would require those cast members to have mics of reasonable quality to keep the sound quality consistent

  So yeh that's the plan, if you have any ideas/suggestions I'd love to hear them

Ooh I'd absolutely love to get involved - this sounds brilliant! :D An audio book with each character voiced separately - that's what I think most audio books are missing, really. And I'm a serious HP nerd. Eee!

I'd love to get involved! It sounds like a fantastic idea, so creative!

Great idea. I'd love to get involved, I can change my voice to suit a character so I'm willing to do any character

I would LOVE to do this. I love reading HP out loud, and to read it as part of an audio book would be awesome.

this sounds totally awesome- count me in :) Im british so the accent isnt a problem. 


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