I registered early for Pottermore and heard that JK Rowling had made a Sorting Hat quiz for it, and you're stuck with the house you're sorted into.  Is anyone else nervous that they won't get the house they felt they belonged in?  I have tons of Ravenclaw merch and it'd really suck if I got into Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.  The Sorting Hat considers your choice as well, but I'm still a little nervous. Though, I am quite excited to see what house I'm sorted in.  Especially since JK Rowling made the quiz herself.  Any other opinions?

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I would die if im not ravenclaw Xd

I GOT IN (finally)

ADD ME goldthestrall11

I really want to be in Ravenclaw but I think that I will be happy with whatever house I get. I have traits of every house in my personality and people are always calling me brave, smart, loyal. So at this point I have no clue where  am going to end up but I am trying not to stress over it.
I would answer the quiz as truthfully as I could. To find out what house I am meant to be in. No manipulating the quiz just tp make it say what I want. It was made by the creator of something that has held our fascination since1997 and will continue holding it until we die.
If it was made by J.K. Rowling. I am sure it will be.
I believe so. She made pottermore (at least she said she did) so I assume she is making it.
i saw a reporter getting sorted on youtube through the quiz on pottermore at a press conference. It looks awesome. The reporter got sorted into Griffindor.
That's pretty cool. It also makes me doubt it a little more. That is all the input this matter is getting. Have fun with this topic its definitely interesting.
i don't think that was the whole quiz; just snippets. And i think the heads or tails question was just put there to distract some people that may try to cheat in the quiz to get the house they want. . .

Well I'm excited because if I get sorted by Rowling's quiz, then THAT'S the house I belong in, no questions asked. No more guessing and dealing with crappy online quizzes.

I'm sort of stressed that I might get into a house that I know I'm not in. J.K. Rowling always said that it's your choices that make you who you are so really we are in what ever house we feel loyal to. Gryffindor forever.


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