Hey nerdfighters! I'm fairly sure all of you have heard of Pottermore and if you haven't you should go to: <there. If you have did you read the little side blurb that says there is a way to gain early entrance? If you did, did you realize that it comes out in less than 3 days? Well it does, and I am extremely excited. I can't wait to find out what it is and what it will entail, is it possible that it will be a huge let down? Yes. Do I care? Nope.


So who else is completely excited? And anyone have any thoughts on what Pottermore should be, or what you would like it to be?

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They have a blog here:

and a twitter here:!/POTTERMORE

I am so anxious to see what it actually is. It is nice to something new to look forward to and if there are going to be new bits added to the story I am very pleased. My favorite part of the Harry Potter books is the amount of detail that goes into people's pasts. Even minor characters have significant backgrounds that shape who they are. It helps to make the world more real and is a skill I wish more authors would utilize.

One of the keynotes at LeakyCon was about Pottermore. We got to see a little bit of the content and it is VERY cool. The illustrations were 100% accurate to the books and by rolling your mouse over different aspects of the pictures you unlock background information about people and places that J.K Rowling wrote but couldn't fit into the books. And I'm pretty sure the part we saw was only a tiny portion. 

that sounds awesome!!
A fragile word such as "excited" cannot truly capture the way in which I feel.
has anyone figured out the first clue yet?
has it appeared yet? because the message hasn't changed for me... so... yeah.
me either, people have begun to claim they got in but no one is telling how so i don't know whats happening :)

yeah well whatever i'm just going to keep refreshing periodically, maybe it's a time zone triggered thing.

thats my plan of attack :)
yeah... and besides, who says we'll even know what the clue means? So there's no point in stressing just yet.
The clue is really easy just make sure you have a calculator and your copy of sorcerer's (or philosopher's) stone handy
First clue is up right now!! I managed to get registered, if you hurry hopefully you will too.


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