Hey nerdfighters! I'm fairly sure all of you have heard of Pottermore and if you haven't you should go to: <there. If you have did you read the little side blurb that says there is a way to gain early entrance? If you did, did you realize that it comes out in less than 3 days? Well it does, and I am extremely excited. I can't wait to find out what it is and what it will entail, is it possible that it will be a huge let down? Yes. Do I care? Nope.


So who else is completely excited? And anyone have any thoughts on what Pottermore should be, or what you would like it to be?

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I was on it and I registered but when I got to the page after you press "Create my Account" I exited out of it. Do you think it still created my account?

Did you get your confirmation email? It sends you an email that you need to respond to asap to get your spot.

I didn't get my email


Not sure then. The last page I got before I got my email said that my new name was the name I chose to register with and that I needed to head to my email to click the confirmation link. I would check both the inbox and the spam. It took about 3 minutes to reach me but with all the people accessing the website the emails might be a little delayed.

My sister is on some forums and she said a lot of people using Yahoo ( which is what I am using) haven't gotten there emails yet.


:( Hope that you get your email soon. I have yahoo mail too, but I was registering immediately after the website changed so I might have beaten the mass of people who weren't pressing F5 repeatedly for the past 3 hours.

I still haven't gotten my damn email.


It took about 3 minutes to reach me. Make sure to check your spam in case it goes in the wrong folder.
I registered!! :) it also took a while for the email to reach me but thank goodness i got it and i'm in! :)
I ended up registering and getting a confirmation email. Now I am just waiting for the real deal...
By the time i woke up and got to the website it said it was closed, anyone wanna tell me what said clue was? just cuz i'm curious? just the clue not the answer.


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