I've read all of the books, seen all the movies, grown up with the series, but I've never read the extra Books. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages , and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Are they worth a read? Hopefully some seasoned Nerdfighters can give a new one some book advice! Thanks!

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I concur. Beedle the Bard is actually reall good, and the others are hilarious. Honestly, I don't understand why you're asking this question. Just read the books; there can't be 300 pages between them.

Beasts : Great very informative and the comments are hillarious (very help ful for fanfiction)

Quidditch: I found i confusing at times but also very intersting

Beetle and Bard: Wonderful tales for all ages. i will read them to my children when i have kids.

I've read all of the extra books, if you read any of them you should read The Tales, because those are really good, and Fantastic Beasts because the side comments are hilarious... but Quidditch though informative, is kinda boring...

I read the Tales and they were really good. I recommend them :]

Ok, I've never read them but I really think you should! If I could get my hands on them, my life would rely on them! :D
Give it a shot! They ought to be amazing! :) 

I read all 3 of them more than once so I'd say yes :D definitely read them! They're very entertaining.

Sure go for it, but there more like textbooks for the extremely fanatic. Tales of Beedle the Bard is really enjoyable though. Also look into the Sorcerer's Companion: a Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter 3rd Edition.

Oh yeah that reminded me... I would recommend looking up The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter by David Colbert... I got that in a boxed set with Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch... 

READ THEM. Beedle the Bard is actually pretty good, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has "notes" from Harry and Ron and Hermione in it.

I highly enjoyed them. When I was younger I would read all about Quidditch and the Animals and I absolutely adored them. Our Extra books are well used and rather ratty now thats how much we used them. Also, the Tales of Beedle The Bard were fun. It was just helped one to really appreciate the adversity of Rowling, as well as feel like you're a super awesome wizard like the rest of them =]

Yes! You should definitely read them; all three books are filled with awesome. It makes you feel like a real wizard-especially Beedle the Bard. Yeah, it's nerdy but why else would you be a Harry Potter Nerdfighter? If you haven't yet seen A Very Potter Musical and are looking for some more fun Potter-related entertainment, you could watch that. The extra books are best though because they come directly from Rowling herself. More magical, for sure.
Have fun!


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