I got this idea from the doctor who nerdfighters and I thought it'd be fun with harry potter.

Its a game where you have to write a word that starts with the letter that you have gotten to.

ex. Letter H Category Animals = Horse

This time the games gonna be a bit harder because you have to write a word that has something to do with Harry Potter.

I'll start.

Letter A = Albus

Now it's you guys turn to write one with rest of the letters, when we hit z we start from the beginning (A)

Good Luck!

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V- Viktor Krum
Wingardium Leviosa
Y- Yaxley
Z- Zonko's Joke Shop XD
A- Aberforth
C- Cornish pixies (completely harmless, i asure you.)
D - Diadem (as in Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem)
E - Elphias Doge
F- Fawkes
H - Hallows (Deathly)
Kingsley Shacklebot
L- Lupin


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