If you looked into The Mirror of Erised what would you see?

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I have no idea what I would see.

I would probably see myself on an adventure, and as cheesy as it sounds, it would most likely be me in Slytherin robes, standing in Hogwarts.

hmm... i would probably see me living in the world of one (or maybe all) of the fandom worlds i love. harry potter, doctor who, etc

Yeah, same here.  I would probably either be with the Doctor or in Hogwarts, or more likely, me with the Doctor in Hogwarts

why not something like multiverse for minecraft? one world with portals to other worlds?

I don't think that is how the Mirror works.  It think it has to show you the one thing that you want above all else.  It doesn't give you a choice.

Darren Criss in a tuxedo at the end of a Church aisle....

No way, not gonna happen :)

Everyone being nice and unselfish. I know that's a lot to ask, but so is the resurrection of Harry's family.

I would see myself at hogwarts in ravenclaw robes or holding an oscar for best makeup

I would see myself dating harry potter. :) oh, and he would b in ravenclaw.
I honestly don't know but I'm guessing it would be kinda cynical. That sounds bad but it's the sad truth.


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