The elder wand?
The resurrection stone?
The invisibility cloak?

I would choose the invisibility cloak because I think it'd be really cool to be able to be invisible.

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I would go with the invisibility cloak too. :P
If the Resurrection Stone actually brought people back to life in a human form rather than in a ghost-like state, then I would want it. And if the Elder Wand didn't make the wizard power-hungry and want to kill, then I'd want it. But since the Invisibilty Cloak is obvious choice, I want it.
I would choose the elder wand.
I don't care much about dying (I welcome it) so the resurrection stone would be a bit useless.
Being invisible would bee sweet but I can't see a use for it in my daily life. Well, a practical use, not just a creeping use.
As for the elder wand, I would be able to do what ever I wanted, never lose, and would be all powerful, excuse me for sounding a bit like Voldemort, but I want that.
Yessss. Props. I'd want the wand too :)
That depends on how powerful the stone is. From what I saw from the book the stone only ressurected the dead relatives and friends of Harry, but I don't really have many dead relatives that I need to speak with. Now if I could ressurect anyone then that would be good. Imagine if I could just ressurect people like Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Aristotle, Plato, all of the famous philosophers and scientists of the past. If I could do that I could learn so much.
If not I'd choose the wand, anyway, science is making invisibility cloaks now, they were supposed to come out two years ago but they still have bugs.
I know the invisibility cloak is the expected response, but I honestly would go with the cloak. The stone and ring have too much baggage to go with them. Meanwhile, the cloak doesn't come with any hazard - no crazy wizard battles or insane guilt/longing for the dead. Plus you can get into some pretty wacky adventures with the cloak.
At first glance, I would say the Resurrection Stone (for when my mum dies). But she would be unhappy in her captive state, so that wouldn't be fair. I would NOT even consider choosing the Elder Wand. I think the Invisibility Cloak would be interesting, but I'm not choosing it just because it's the right thing to do.
The Invisibility Cloak, of course
hm.. that has to be a tie between the Invisibility cloak and the Resurrection Stone.... i think it'd be fun to have the cloak just to be able to sneak out of the house to see people... i know there's a lot of people who wouldn't have done some bad crap that they've done had my parents let me out of the house... but other than that it'd be fun to annoy people with it. And the resurrection stone would be nice to use once in a while... maybe to remember Death days of some people.... but again other than that i would have no use for any of them....
I'd want the cloak, it's be awesome.
I would choose the Cloak. I have no interest in battling people with the Elder wand and being unstoppable, and I've never lost anyone important to me so the stone would be usless. Also it would be awesome to be invisible, especially for someone shy like me.
I realize that the responsible choice would be the cloak.

But I say boo! to responsibility. I want the wand.

I wouldn't go around killing witches and wizards and muggles left and right--I would want to use the most powerful wand ever for non-violent and probably for more academically inclined things. Like research and tickling jinxes.

But from the nature of it, it appears that that would be very difficult. It is a dark object. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And even if I don't go around decimating the countryside, it is very unlikely that I would be able to keep my mouth shut about it. I'm horrible at keeping secrets. Especially with such exciting information.

Still, I'd want the wand. The stone seems to risky--what is dead should stay dead--and I don't have any use for an invisibility cloak (for my pursuits are more academic, and require little-to-no sneakiness). But the wand would be fun.


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